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Why We Love Party Bunting!

BY Pippa Middleton 19th Sep

Bunting flags

Bunting can instantly give a room or venue a party feel! It adds a bit of fun and fiesta to an occasion be it a birthday breakfast, children’s party, anniversary or just a special celebration, you can’t go wrong with a spot of bunting.

1. Which bunting for your party?
There are quite a few ‘bunting’ styles to choose from and as a general rule, the fabric bunting is always more expensive than the paper versions. If you’re looking for bunting to use for all your parties, indoors and out, the plain white fabric bunting is great. You can use it for picnics, bbq’s and garden parties outdoors as well as indoors and in the children’s nursery. It’s neutral colour means it works with every party theme but adds to the ‘party feel’ in every way.

Then there’s the polka dot bunting which are great for baby showers, toddler birthdays and of course nurseries and bedrooms (pink bunting for the girls, baby blue bunting for the boys). For vintage tea parties and garden parties the truly scrumptious, or porcelain blue bunting designs are great and for fiesta parties and carnivals opt for a multi-coloured bunting.

2. How and where to hang bunting?
So long as you have two fixtures to attach the bunting to you can hang your bunting absolutely anywhere; between tree branches, along a hedgerow, above the fireplace or between light fixtures indoors. By far the best way to hang your bunting indoors is to use hammer and nail, this way you can be certain it won’t fall down during the party (this is a dad’s job). Other places like curtain hooks or pictures hooks are good as well. Outdoors you can be more freestyle and just pick where you want the bunting to hang. Don’t have hammer and nail, you can never have too many sticky decoration hangers for bunting, balloons and cards.

3. Make Your Own Bunting?
A great activity to do one weekend in the wind-up to the party. The kids will love helping out with this and feel they are involved in all the preparations (granny might even enjoy it too!). You can even fill 12 plastic pockets with drawings or special pieces to make your own personal message. The bunting can be used over and over again by simply removing the contents and starting again. Endless fun for the whole family.

4. Personalised Bunting
A special touch to a birthday, Christening or Baby Shower. Be it their first name or nickname create your own personalised bunting that can be used every birthday and kept in the nursery throughout the year.

5. Themed Party Bunting
Whether it’s bunting for a Halloween party or some festive bunting for Christmas invest in bunting for all the seasonal events and use year after year. For something a little different the felt gingerbread man bunting adds a charming touch above your fireplace or strung around your tree, ready for Father Christmas.

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