Sharky & George’s Favourite Party Games

Sharky & George’s Favourite Party Games


Of the almost inexhaustible list of kids party games to choose from, here are the top 10 favourites selected by some of the Sharky and George party entertainment team, from classic parties, discos, survival afternoons and cooking parties.

1) Sharky’s Footsteps
The key here is to be extremely sneaky, quite speedy and very good at stopping completely still within about a second.

One person “Sharky” stands at one end of the room or garden with a huge bowl of sweets. Everyone else is at the other end of the room or garden. As soon as “Sharky” turns away, everyone creeps forward very slowly and carefully. If “Sharky” turns around, you have to freeze completely still, no giggling at all. If he sees anyone moving, they get sent back to the beginning. The aim is to sneak up and get some sweets from “Sharky’s” bowl without being spotted!

2) Strawberry Bootlace Race
How can you possibly get better than an eating race with no hands…

Everyone is given a long strawberry bootlace. Then you have to put one end in your mouth and both hands behind your back. On “GO”, everyone tries to eat the bootlace as quick as they can.

3) Water Bomb Catapulting
The one thing with this game is that you need to get hold of a giant catapult, but they are pretty easy to find, and then you’re away. There’s a chance that you’ll get very wet playing this one!

Fill up lots of water bombs. Get hold of a giant 3-man catapult (made by Wild Sling). Teams of 3 take it in turns to fire water bombs high up in the air and land them in a target marked out on the grass. Anyone who isn’t firing the bombs stands in the target trying to catch them without them bursting.

4) Sniper Search
This takes outside hide-and-seek to a new level. Being a sniper is all about blending seamlessly into your surroundings. In this game the key is to make one or two members of your team completely invisible to everyone else.

You need to be in a large outside space such as a garden, park, or woodland. Split everyone into two teams and choose one person in each team to be the “sniper”. Using elastic bands and lots of leaves, bracken and grass, each team has to try and make their chosen “sniper” completely camouflaged, and then hide them somewhere in the garden. If there is any bare skin showing on any of your snipers (especially on the face) use wet mud as camouflage cream. Once five minutes of hiding time is up, each team shouts that they are ready, and then do a ten-second count-down. At the end of the count-down each team has to try to find the opposition’s “sniper” the fastest.

5) Tug-of-War-of-Water

Very similar to a normal Tug-of-War with the added extra of some water to make the battle that much more hard fought.

Take one long rope and lay it on the ground with two markers about 2cm out from the centre point of the rope on each side. Split everyone into two teams to battle it out against each other in the ultimate test of strength. Put a normal garden sprinkler at the centre point of the rope and switch it on. One team heaves one end of the rope, and one team heaves against them at the other end. The strongest team will successfully pull their opposition through the wall of water created by the sprinkler and hopefully get them drenched!

6) Fishy, Fishy, Fishy
This is a tricky game to get the hang of to start with, but is one of George’s all time favourites, and is particularly good to play outside in the park or someone’s garden.

Everyone starts at one end of the room/garden and are the fishies. The catcher or “Shark” stands in the middle and shouts, “Fishy, fishy, fishy, come swim in the sea!” Everyone shouts back, “Sharky, sharky, sharky, you can’t catch me!” Everyone then has to scamper across to the other side of the room/garden without being caught by Sharky. If you’re caught, you become Funky funky seaweed. The funky funky seaweed stay put where they were caught, and from then on waggle their arms to slow down the fishies when they come past (but are not allowed to catch the fishies). The funky seaweed also do “the funky seaweed dance” before each round, which goes “A-one, A-two, A-one”. By the end, everyone becomes funky funky seaweed and there is a huge dance off!

7)  Smartie Sucking
If you like Smarties and are feeling competitive, this is the game for you.

Make sure everyone has a cup and a straw and cover a table or a large tray with Smarties. When everyone is ready to start, get someone to start a timer for one minute. The winner is the person who manages to suck up the most amount of Smarties into their cup using their straw. Strictly NO HANDS!

8) Nose Slalom
As long as you don’t mind looking a little bit of a plonker, then this one could be for you, especially if you like After Eights or Party Ring biscuits.

Get yourself a packet of After Eight chocolates or some Party Ring biscuits. Tilt your head back and place one flat onto your forehead. Then without using your hands, try to get the chocolate or biscuit into your mouth. With a great deal of eyebrow wiggling, cheek squishing and mouth moving this is very possible!

9) Messy Chef
Possibly worth just making sure that whoever’s kitchen you do this one in doesn’t mind you making a bit of a mess (hence the name).

You need two people; one is the “director”, who stands at the table in front of the “cook” and their arms under the “cook’s” arms. The director tells the cook – who can’t see what’s on the table – what to do in order to create a beautifully-presented dish by feel and the directions alone! Everyone has a go and the result is judged on looks and taste. You can do this with anything you like, we reckon its best with pancakes. Just make sure you have lots of squirty cream, toffee and chocolate sauce, sprinkles, smarties and anything else you like on pancakes.

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  1. I thought you may like to think of adding this game that my mother used to do for me, it will only be for the children whose birthday occurs around Easter and if the weather is fine.

    1 Pick up some old sticks grass, anything to make what looks like a bird’s nest.

    2 Make a nest in the garden, partially hidden, for all that is coming to the party.

    3 Put three of the very small chocolate Easter eggs in each nest, with the name of a child on each nest.

    4 When they arrive they have to go into the garden and find their nests.

    Catherine (If your daughter doesn’t know already the name means pure! I wish them both well).

  2. Maricel Garcia

    Great post Lee. I’m a freelancer party host here in the Philippines and I would like to thank you for sharing in here such great lists of games that I myself could possibly do this on one of my birthday parties.. Hope you’ll have more great tips to come. Your site is very informative and it’s worth the read. Thanks again and more power!

  3. Thank you so much for this great idea. Of puting up games dat we can use 2entertain children at parties. I however need more indoor game ideas especially for a Nursery school chrismas party

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