5 Fun Party Games For Disney Princess Fans

5 Fun Party Games For Disney Princess Fans

Princess Party Games

If your little princess is a Disney fan, what better way to celebrate their special day than with a birthday party that will transport them to the magical world of Disney princesses?

To start the Disney theme off, send out regal invitations to your Royal Ball. Then ensure the Fairy Godmother waves her magic wand over the guest and transform each one into a princess for the day.

Ask guests to come dressed as their favourite, whether this is Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana or Anna from Frozen. On the day of the party decorate a magical Disney castle scene complete with a Princess-themed birthday cake! Finally, ensure your little Princess ends her party happily ever after, with memories of a fairytale day when she is presented with gifts, like these at LamaLoLi.

Now you have prepared a party fit for a princess, don’t forget to give the party games a Disney princess-twist! There are lots of games you can use for the perfect party, but here are 5 fun ideas to get you started.

Break the spell with princess piñata!

The evil Queen has cast a spell on your Princess and her Royal guests. The only way to save the whole castle is to break the spell (piñata) and release those loyal subjects (the sweets) who are already under her spell! The reward for saving the castle is one of those delicious sweets that they saved of course.

Pin the tiara on the princess

A princesses’ most important accessory is, of course, her tiara, but in this fun game some of them have lost theirs and it is a race against time to get it back. This is a simple twist on the beloved Pin the Tail on the Donkey, all you will need is a Disney Princess poster and then your Royal party can save the day by reuniting her with her tiara. Blindfolded of course!

Pass the magic wand

A magical twist on pass-the-parcel; each time the music stops the magic wand grants the princess holding the parcel a wish. Each wish will present the child with an item to add to her outfit, such as jewels for her hair or rings for her fingers! The final wish will grant the lucky Princess her very own magic wand, so she can continue to cast magic spells on the castle.

Search for Cinderella’s glass slipper

Every little princess knows the consequence of Cinderella losing her glass slipper, and now she has gone and lost it again! This time it is up to the princesses to help her find it. Sit them down and tell them the story of Cinderella at the ball and when you get to the part where the clock strikes midnight, send them off to find the single slippers you have hidden around the room.

Decorate Royal Treats

Each princess sits at their throne and is provided with a plain cupcake placed on their Disney princess plate. Provide them with pink glittery icing and sparkles so they can decorate, before enjoying, their very own royal cupcake!



  1. Fab ideas!! Love the “pin” the tiara on the princess game idea I’m definitely going to try that and all the other princess party games at my daughters next birthday party!! I already know my daughter and her friends will love playing these princess inspired party games far more than the usual pass the parcel n musical statute party games I’m normally known for lol thanks again will be recomming your blog to my friends n family ❤xx

    • Jennifer Carter

      Hi Carolyn, so pleased that you enjoyed the post – do let us know what your daughter and her friends think of the games! Best, Jen

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