Dinosaur Party Games

Dinosaur Party Games

dinosaur party games

Dinosaur parties are hugely popular, especially with the release of Jurassic World this year. So once you’ve set your Jurassic party scene and decided what dinosaur food you’re going to serve, make sure you have a few dinosaur party games up your sleeve to keep little archaeologists and dinosaur fans entertained!

Dinosaur Stuck in the Mud

This game is fast and furious, and is best played outside. Ask all the children to pretend to be dinosaurs. Choose one child to be ‘It’. He chases all the others and if he touches anyone they immediately become ‘stuck in the mud’. This means they must stand still with their legs apart. Any other child who is still free can crawl through their legs, which sets them free from the mud to run around again, still pretending to be dinosaurs. If the child is caught while trying to free someone else, they too are stuck in the mud. The last person to be caught then has a go at being ‘It’.

Sleepy Dinosaurs

An excellent way to calm down the children before tea time! All the children have to lie on the floor, pretending to be very tired dinosaurs who have fallen asleep. Tell the children the dinosaurs are not able to move at all, and if any dinosaurs so much as twitch they’ll have to wake up properly and be out of the game! Any children who are out can try to make the others move, but must not touch them. The winner is the last sleeping dinosaur.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Props required: Either mini chocolate eggs, or hard boiled ‘dinosaur’ eggs (let hard boiled eggs cool then lightly crack the shells with a spoon, place in dye for a few seconds and leave to dry).

Hide lots of ‘dinosaur eggs’ around the house or garden. Give each child or team a bag to collect their finds. Set a timer for 5 minutes and ask children to find as many eggs as they can. Can be played individually or in teams. The winner is the child or team who have found the most eggs in the allocated time.

Guess How Many Dinosaur Eggs

Props required:

  • suitable container
  • lots of mini chocolate eggs
  • piece of paper and pencil for each child

Fill a container with eggs, making sure you count them first. Let all the children guess how many eggs there are by asking each child to write down their name and guess on a separate piece of paper. At the end of the party announce the winner!


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  1. I work for a DinosaurToy company and found your article while doing some research – Just wanted to say how cool these ideas are!

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