Disney Frozen Party Ideas

Disney Frozen Party Ideas

Little Elsas and Olafs across the land are rejoicing at the news that Disney will be releasing a second installation of Frozen, and we are too! We just couldn’t resist putting together some Disney Frozen party ideas for you this morning to celebrate!

Whether you choose to buy the Disney Frozen Party Supplies, craft it all yourself, or want to do a mix of the two, these ideas will add perfect finishing touches!

1. Blue & White Decorations

Blue & White Frozen Party IdeasWhat better way to make your room look frosty than with blue and white decorations? Try to using couple of different shades of blue along with white and you will create a frozen landscape in no time!

Pom Poms are a lovely decoration that look like fluffy snowballs, and you can either buy or make yourself!

2. Snowflake Station

Disney Frozen Party Ideas snowflakesA super fun and simple activity for your little party guests is making paper snowflakes. Set up a station with lots of paper, safety scissors and string and you’re ready to go. When they have cut out their unique creations, hang them around your party room to add to your frosty wonderland!

3. Fake Snow

Disney Frozen Party Ideas SnowImage Source: www.momendeavours.com

Great as decoration around your party room, or as an activity for the guests, fake snow is such fun! It’s so simple to make your own (check out this great post by momendeavours.com) or you can buy packs that you only have to add water too, whatever you choose, it is sure to capture the imagine of little (and big) Frozen fans.

4. Frosty Baking

Disney Frozen Party Ideas BakingContinuing the blue and white colour scheme into your baking will really tie the theme together. Blue cupcake cases and frosty white icing is elegant and simple. If you want to add a little more sparkle, edible glitter, snowflake motifs and mini sparklers really add a wow factor.

 5. Hot Chocolate

Disney Frozen Party Ideas Hot ChocolateNothing beats warm cocoa after all that frosty excitement – we love the idea of setting up a hot chocolate station so that the children can pick their own toppings, think along the lines of classics like marshmallows, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles and you won’t go wrong. If you want to give even more options; honeycomb, butterscotch drizzle and small chocolate brownie squares would be delicious!

We’d love to hear if you have any other Disney Frozen party ideas – let us know in the comments below!




  1. Lots of lovely ideas thanks for sharing! We are also REALLY really excited about Frozen 2. We look forward to a lot more Frozen parties to come….

    • Jennifer Carter

      Hi Sarah, So pleased that you like the post, although now all I can think about is drinking hot chocolate and making paper snowflakes! Let us know if you do have a Frozen party – we’d love to see the pics! Jen x

  2. Oh throwing a Frozen theme party at an actual Ice Rink was so much fun!
    I would love to share the photos, but can’t figure out how to attach them! I’m an expert party planner, but clearly technically challenged! LOL

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