Real Party – Fairies at Play

Real Party – Fairies at Play

Tread gently now; there may be fairies afoot… Host a fairy picnic in your garden or local park and enjoy a pretty and playful party for girlie girls.

Truly Fairy party printable invitations are ideal as they perfectly match the Party Pieces Truly Fairy paper plates, cups and napkins. Print, fill in the party details and roll up into a scroll and tie with twine and add a decorative leaf.

Guide your guests through the forest by posting the “Fairy Party Here” printable signs along the pathway, but politely ask them to tiptoe as fairies may be around.

To demarcate the party area decorate with giant pink balloons blown up and tied with ivy garlands to the picnic blanket. These big balloons could then be later be given to little guests as party favours.

Welcome guests at your entrance with floral wreaths hanging on the tree trunks or branches that can easily be taken down and turned into wearable crowns.

To spruce up plain picnic blankets, hang paper butterfly garlands overhead and pin on feathered butterfly pins to flower arrangements.

Purchase mini metal lanterns, and fill with moss, mushrooms and mini fairy figurines. Decorate the forest or these supplies can be used as a craft activity by having guests assemble their own Little Fairy House in a Lantern.

For a fun and flirty drink, make pink punch or lemonade labelled “fruit nectar” and serve in pretty paper cups with paper straws and resting on the lip of the cup: butterfly cut outs. Another cute idea is to add printable labels to water bottles and mark them“dew drops”.

Serve forest inspired snacks like toadstool cheeses (little white stickers stuck onto cheese rounds), fairy cupcakes, fruits of the forest: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and black berries and marshmallow mushroom sweets.

For a fun activity, label plain notebooks ”Fairy Fields Notes” with this handy free printable, and give one to each guest with instructions together with a pencil and washi tape to wander around and collect a variety of flowers and leaves to tape in, to make tree bark or leave rubbings and, if they are lucky, find a fairy they can observe and make sketches of them at play. Or why not test their memory with this fun printable game?

Purchase cute foil wrapped chocolates and scatter these around a designated space. The fairies can then forage for food and place them in a bag as a take home treat.

Mini bubble wands make for a fun activity and especially if played with as part of a round of musical statues!

For the favour packaging, matching Truly Fairy party bags are sealed at the top with a feather butterfly clip and a mini thank you tag pegged on. For favours consider little gifts like “Fairy Drops” (bubbles), seed bombs or packets, fairy glitter and tattoos. In addition, lip balm or gloss can be dubbed “Fairy Dust” and tins filled with pink mints can state “Fairy Drops”.

Last but not least, thank guests for fluttering by with the Truly Fairy printable Thank You card.




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