How to – Dinosaur Terrarium

How to – Dinosaur Terrarium

We love a Dinosaur Party here at Party Pieces and think this is the sweetest idea for home-made party favours or decorations. Taken from her new book ‘Let’s Party’, Martine Lleonart talks us through the simple steps to creating your own dinosaur terrarium below.

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You will need:

  • wide-mouthed jars (one per child)
  • scoria (from garden supply stores)
  • sand
  • cuttings from succulent plants such as jade, pig face or little air plants
  • small pebbles, stones, coloured gems
  • plastic dinosaurs

The plants I’ve suggested are really hard to kill … it’s all about the dinosaurs anyway.


  1. Get the kids to pour some scoria on the bottom of their jar, then let them sprinkle on some sand.
  2. Next, they’ll need to add another layer of scoria and shake gently so that it settles.
  3. You might need to help with the following bit: poke a plant into the top layer – not too deep; it just needs to be stable.
  4. Have a selection of rocks, pebbles, coloured gems and a dinosaur for each child available.
  5. Let the kids decorate their terrariums, then label the jars with the kids’ names and pop them into their favour boxes to take home later.

Let’s Party by Martine Lleonart (Hardie Grant £14.99) Photography: Lauren Bamford


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