Snow White Party

Snow White Party

We may be coming into summer, but with mini party food suitable for the 7 Dwarfs, games of apple bobbing and craft activities, a Snow White themed party will prove popular whatever the weather outside.

Snow White with an apple

Snow White Invitations:

Create homemade magical mirror invitations. Simply cut out cardboard into a handheld mirror shape and stick extra thick kitchen foil on one side and then write the party details on the other side. Or save time with these Disney Princess invites.

Snow White Decorations:

Create an effective party room with hints of the seven dwarfs thrown in too! Red, blue and gold decorations would be great colours for this theme. Pop a balloon of each of these colours on the door and around the room. On the front door, at knee height, stick up a notice saying ‘Don’t forget to wipe your feet. From Grumpy.’ Small chairs dotted around and seven pairs of small shoes by the door will add a dwarfy dimension too, especially with a giant red balloon attached!

snow white party decorations

For a top table use Disney Princess Sparkle cups, plates and then choose a blue tablecloth with eye popping red cutlery.  A scattering of princess table confetti would pull it all together perfectly.

Snow White Party Food:

Mini party food suitable for dwarfs, such as mini sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini pizzas and cupcakes, is one idea to keep them Happy rather than Grumpy! Alternatively, serve up party food favourites in glamorous serving bowls and dishes such as the gold charger plate and the gold party buffet serving platter for a stylish banquet effect.

For something sweet serve red and green apple slices on skewers to dip into warm butterscotch sauce. This would tie in with the fairytale’s poisoned apple plot.

Plastic wine glasses can be great goblets for drinking potions out of and pink lemonade served out of a pink serving jug should do the trick.

Snow White Party Games:

  1. Apple bobbing is crucial for a Snow White theme. Into a large bucket (washing up bowls work well too) put as many apples as there are children – all green apples and one red apple. The red apple is ‘poisonous’. Now the children take it in turns to bob for apples without using their hands. Blindfold them to make it more difficult and the person who gets the red apple loses. Remember to have a towel to hand.
  2. Seven Dwarf Charades: Invite a child from the group to act out one of the dwarfs (or other characters from Snow White) – Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, and Sleepy. The other kids must guess who they are being. Whoever guesses right goes next.
  3. Princess Pinata: The Disney princess piñata will keep little hands busy. Just let the children take it in turns to pull the ribbons till the treats tumble out.
  4. Get Crafty: Before the party, buy plastic mirrors and party craft crowns for the guests. Have the guests decorate their mirrors and crowns with stickers, sequins, rhinestones, and colourful foam.
  5. Snow White cooked for all the dwarfs so why not get in the kitchen to make some gingerbread? Your cookies can double up as great edible gifts to pop in a party bag too.
  6. Sleeping beauty game: this Snow White spin on ‘Sleeping Lions’ is a great winding down game at the end of the party.

Snow White Party Bags:

For the ‘fairest of the land’ only a princess themed party bag will do. A party pack will save you the job of looking, but for other ideas a princess notepad, a fluffy princess purse, princess party stickers and a handful of princess chocolate coins are great fillers.



  1. Love these ideas! These are great!

  2. As princess party event planners in New York City ( we know how important every little detail is in order to make your little princess’ party a big success! Ms Pullman has shared wonderful and creative suggestions for a Snow White themed party!

    Snow White is a classic fairytale princess that will always be popular!

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