Cupcake Tips from Peggy Porschen

Cupcake Tips from Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen Cupcake Tips

“Cupcakes are a great passion of mine and with so many new recipes, tools and ideas to choose from, they are very easy for everyone to achieve and fun to make at home, especially with kids” says Peggy Porschen, international cake designer and teacher.

My Daisy Dot and Kaleidoscope cup cakes are made from a simple Victoria sponge recipe iced with shiny fondant which provides a perfectly smooth finish with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. Dipping fondant is available from specialist sugarcraft suppliers and the dipping technique may require a little experimenting at the first attempt.  Alternatively you can opt for my delicious cream cheese frosting below which can simply be piped in a blob or rosette on top of the cup cake.
My Kaleidoscope designs require very basic piping techniques whilst the Daisies are simply moulded by hand using a flower cutter.  In addition I have listed a selection of alternative decoration ideas, tips and packaging option to help you achieving stunning results and making the most out of your cup cake creations.

To ensure your cup cakes taste just as good as they look follow the recipe step by step and eat them while still fresh and moist, ideally on the same day they were made.

Top Cupcake Tips from Peggy Porschen:

  1. Use a plastic piping bag to fill the sponge mix into the cup case. Start piping the mixture into the middle of the cases, then around the outside as you are slightly going higher until the case is about 2/3 full.
  2. Let the sponge mix rest inside the cases for about 15 min. at room temperature before baking as this will make them rise more evenly.
  3. Soak the cup cakes with syrup right after baking while they are still soft.  This way they will absorb all the syrup and stay moist for longer.

Basic Victoria Sponge Recipe: See Cake Chic, page 114 and 115 (click here to order from Amazon)

Sugar Syrup: See Cake Chic, page 119 (click here to order from Amazon)

Fondant Dipping Technique: See Cake Chic, page 131 (click here to order from Amazon)

Daisy Dot Cup Cakes Recipe: See Pretty Party Cakes, page 62 (click here to order from Amazon)

Kaleidoscope Cup Cake Recipe: See Pretty Party Cakes, page 65 (click here to order from Amazon)


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