10 Cute and Easy Party Name Tags

This week’s craft idea comes to us from Annabelle Carter Short, who shows us ten easy ways to create some beautiful name tags for your party. 

Annabelle Carter Short is a writer and a seamstress of more than 5 years. She splits her time between London and Los Angeles and writes for Wunderlabel. Annabelle is a craft lover and would like to start online Arts & Crafts business. Annabelle is a mother and she loves making crafts with her two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11).

When you are planning a party or any sort of get together, you need to make sure everyone knows each other. Sure, you can use fun icebreakers so everyone introduces themselves but sometimes it’s hard to remember a bunch of names at once.

What’s the easiest way to keep names clear and easy to see to prevent awkward conversation? Well, name tags of course. Boring name tags are just that, though – boring – and that’s something you never want a party to be. Instead, we are going to show you some fun and easy name tags. These will prove cute in any usage so you can avoid a boring design.

In this article, we are going to look at some more creative options when it comes to creating name tags for your next meeting or party.

1. Empty, Blank Cards

blank cards

This is probably the most basic option that you have. One way to spice these up is to give them a coloured background or even a white background with a coloured border. These are simple, straightforward, and simply allow your guests to write their names on them. Add a wooden stem and you can easily set them up at a table to create a quick seating chart.

2. Use A Round Shape

round label

When we think of name tags, we usually think of the square or rectangular variety that are often used. However, you can get creative and use other shapes such as round shapes, stars, and more. The only real limit here is where your creativity can take you.

3. Pinecone Name Tag

pinecone labels

A custom pinecone name tags are highly suitable for a rustic winter theme party. You can ask your bridesmaids to craft them for you, as they’re a quick and easy DIY project. They add a personal touch to your events (such as dinner party, wedding party, birthday party, etc.).

4. Turn to Glitter

glitter label

There’s nothing quite like glitter to add some flair to a situation. A popular choice to do this is to add a base card that is covered in glitter and then add a blank card on top of that one. This way, you don’t have to worry about the glitter interfering with your writing.

5. Use Leaves in Your Design

leaves label

One simple way to jazz up a name card is to use a leaf. This design only requires that you go out and get a leaf from your backyard and glue it onto the corner of the card next to the name on the nameplate. This is even better if you are making your name cards in the autumn, since the leaves will be different colours.

This method does work best, though, if you press the leaves first. This way, they won’t curl off the name tag. To press leaves, lay them flat between newspaper and lay heavy books on top of them. Keep them like this in a dry location for about a week and you will have perfectly flat leaves!

6. Using Corks

corks label

Another great idea is to use corks. All you have to do is slice into a cork enough that you can slip part of the name tag paper in. Make sure to use sturdy paper like cardstock, though, so that the name tag doesn’t curl or fall over once you put it in the cork.

The next part is, of course, to get the corks to stand up. This can be done one of two ways. First, you could slice the top of the cork and let it stand on its own. Our idea, however, is to slice the side of the cork and put four nails in the other side to act as legs. This way, you have a unique and simple name tag with little effort.

7. Berry Shaped Name Tags

berry label

What’s cuter than a name tag shaped like a berry? It’s extremely easy to do as well. All you need is some red cardstock or paper and cut it into a berry shape – round with a small imperfection at the top where a stem would go. Next, you need to cut out a couple leaves from green paper and attach them to your berry. Now, all that’s left is to write the names on the berries and hand out the name tags to your party goers.

8. Buttons and Bows

buttons and bows label

This idea leaves you with some room for creativity. First, you need to get some name tags and punch holes in the top of the card. Then, tie some ribbon at the top, looping it through the hole. Then, you can make decorations with buttons such as flowers or even just standalone buttons if you want.  Add in the names in some cute cursive and you have yourself a cute and easy name tag.

9. Ribbons and Stamps

ribbons and stamps label

For this one, you simply need to loop some ribbon through a hole in the name tag. In addition, take a stamp – whatever kind you like – and add some stamps around the name for extra flair.

10. Embroider Your Name Tag

embroider label

Instead of writing a name tag, embroider it on a piece of fabric! This gives your name tags a personal, handmade touch that really says you put effort into even the slightest details. If you’re new to sewing, you can design and customise tags online with your own artwork, and digitally print it.


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