Decorate with Helium Balloons

Decorate with Helium Balloons


Heavenly helium sends balloons to the sky, ceiling tops and suspended in mid-air – it’s sensational stuff, particularly if you know all these wonderful ways to decorate with them. Check out these ideas…

Cluster them
…together and add a balloon weight for a quick and effective party table centrepiece, extend this centrepiece upwards with growing lengths of string to create a large helium balloon cluster great for party venue corners and either side of your party doors.

Make these clusters more interesting and decorative by mixing shaped balloons, different coloured plain latex balloons, hanging decorations and curling ribbon to create a display. These can be made very tall for the floor or shorter and smaller for a balloon table centre piece. Chose some plain or printed latex balloons to match your party theme then add some foil balloons either at the top or within the main cluster for effect.

Tie them
…to the back of chairs with your guests name written on a tag instead of place cards and to disguise unsightly chairs.
… to the birthday boy or girl for fun
… to party cups
… to the ribbon on an organza or fabric party bag and fill with wonderful party treats.
… in bunches of three in colour coordinating shades and matching curling ribbon

Create a column …by tying two latex balloons together to make pairs/layers. Then tie 2 pairs together to create a flat 4 balloon layer. Stack these flat layers on top of each other – interlinking them so that the top layer sits in the gaps of the bottom layer. By blowing up the balloons to different sizes you can create a column with some shape. Support the balloon column by suspending them from a single string down the centre and pinning it to the ceiling – the helium will support the column- it just needs some anchoring, You could thread them onto a wooden stand. To top the column insert a single balloon into the centre of the top cluster. Use string decorations, garlands and hanging decorations to complete the look.

Arch them
… by tying helium filled balloons along the length of a piece of string. Attach a balloon weight to either end of the string. Then move the weights closer together and the centre balloons will start to lift. Don’t cut the string, trial and error how many balloons you need first. Add more foil balloons to decorate such as giant number balloons.

Number them
… with number helium balloons that spell out an age or year someone is born. The silver foil balloons from Party Pieces are great for any party theme or venue.

Release them … to the ceiling with curly ribbon cascading down (great way to hide unsightly ceilings) or even at the end of a party where all your guests write wishes and messages and release them together outside.

And lastly
… A helium canister from Party Pieces will fill approx 40 x standard 9″ balloons (follow the size guide on the box) / 20 x 18″ foil balloons / 10 x 34″ large number balloons. Use this guide to mix and match for decorative displays.



For balloons and decorations visit Party Pieces.



  1. What great ideas! I think ill try and create a balloon centrepiece for my party table this weekend thanks.

  2. Wow! Some great ideas here. Does anyone have any more pics of balloon displays?

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