Butterfly Fairy Bread Recipe

Butterfly Fairy Bread Recipe

Pretty and colourful little morsels for a party. You can also try making different shapes such as stars, hearts and flowers using cookie cutters.

Butterfly Fairy Bread Recipe

Butterfly Fairy Bread Recipe


-60g butter softened
-12 large slices white sandwich bread
-6cm butterfly cutter
-6 musk sticks, halved lengthways
-1/2 cup hundreds and thousands


1. Spread butter on one side of each bread slice. Using butterfly cutter, cut out three butterflies from each slice.
2. Cut out musk stick into 2cm lengths; place one piece of musk stick in centre of each butterfly.
3. Sprinkle hundreds and thousands into small shallow dish; gently press each butterfly, buttered-side down, into hundreds and thousands. Place on serving plate.

Preparation time 15 mins
Makes 36
Note Recipe can be made up to three hours ahead; keep covered

Taken from ‘Kid’s food for Parties’ by ACP Magazines Ltd

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