How to – Pompom Go Go Garland

How to – Pompom Go Go Garland

These bold pompoms make for a pretty garland. The addition of weighty wooden beads help it to hang nicely. Wind the front and back halves of the maker with different shades of yarns to create multi-coloured pompoms.

For visual instructions to complement this post and to aid with creating patterns, download the following .pdf:

You Will Need:

For the pompoms:

DK-weight acrylic yarn in the following colours: shrimp, soft peach, stone, sherbert, metallic gold (I used Bergere de France Metalika in etoile)

5.5cm (21⁄8 in) maker


16 wooden beads, 20mm (3⁄16 in) in diameter

1 metre (1 yard) leather thonging


1. Make one pompom in each colour combination shown below. On a 5.5cm (21⁄8 in) maker, wind approximately 220 wraps to fill each half.

2. Thread the pompoms onto the leather. Gently squeeze a pompom between your fingers and thumb around the centre. You should feel it ‘gives’ more in one place. Thread the leather through the pompom at this point (where a hole is left when the pompom is tied). Using a large darning needle and thicker yarn or ribbon to thread pompoms can pull out several strands. I find it easier to place the leather thonging end between the arms of a kirby grip and sellotape in place.

3. Thread the pompoms and wooden beads alternately onto the leather thonging until you have completed the garland. Thread two or three extra beads at each end and knot securely.


Sparkly gold yarn is too thin for pompom making; it takes a lot of yarn and winding. Mix the gold with a similar coloured yarn for the same sparkly effect.

From Pompomania by Christine Leech (Quadrille, £10) Photography © Joanna Henderson



  1. Hermosa guirnalda de pompones.Tratare de hacerla.Me encanta.Saludos desde Argentina!!!

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