How To – Rope Coil Christmas Bell Ornaments

How To – Rope Coil Christmas Bell Ornaments

These little rope bells make cute holiday gifts for friends!

A fun little take on the classic rope vessel. This project literally turns the vessel on its head to create little bells for your Christmas tree.

You will need:

› 1 m (3 ft 3 in) of cotton rope

› Sewing machine with a zigzag stitch

› Sharp scissors

› Thread

› Wide paintbrush

› Water-based acrylic paint in your favourite colours

› 1 m (3 ft 3 in) x 1 m (3 ft 3 in) piece of paper to paint on

› Craft bell

› Strong embroidery needle


Step 1

Take the rope and coil one end into a small circle. It should resemble the number 9 with a small coil and a tail of loose rope.

Step 2

Place your coil under your needle and slowly start to zigzag stitch the rope together. Bind the coil together by reversing over your stitches a few times to secure them.

Step 3

Once your coil is secure, slowly begin to zigzag stitch the loose rope to the coil. Be sure that the zigzag stitch captures the loose rope and the coil as you sew. This will be the top of your bell. Continue sewing the top of the bell until it measures 2–4 cm (¾–1½ in) in diameter.

Step 4

As you continue to sew, lift the coil and hold it at an angle against the left side of the sewing machine. Continue to sew. You will notice that the shape will curve, giving the bell its sides.

Step 5

Continue to sew until your bell reaches your desired shape and size. Loop the last few centimetres of rope underneath itself and sew it closed.

Step 6

Coat your bell with acrylic paint and leave to dry overnight.

Step 7

Secure the bell to the embroidery thread and use the needle to push it through the bell’s centre. Tie a double knot on either side of the rope coil so the bell hangs where you want it. Trim the thread and knot it to form the hanger.

Copyright © Gemma Patford, 2017. Photography by Amorfo. Extracted from ROPED IN by Gemma Patford, published by Hardie Grant Books


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