St Patrick’s Day Favour DIY

St Patrick’s Day Favour DIY

St Patrick's Day Favours

Are you celebrating St Patrick’s day with a party? Have a go at this super-easy DIY and give your guests a Paddy’s day treat!

What You’ll Need

These are the tools you’ll need to recreate the exact version above but you could also experiment with different elements like a hessian bag or curling ribbon instead of satin ribbon.


  1. Sort the gold coins into small and large then begin to fill the bags. You should start with the smaller coins at the base of the cone then work up to larger coins in the top. We placed a little tissue in the tip of the cones so they would keep their shape when filled.
  2. Next we used the ties that come with the party cone bags to secure the top. Leave about two inches at the top so the ribbon fits nicely.
  3. Take your polka ribbon and tie it into a neat small bow over the top of the tie.
  4. Take two of the green party labels and stick them together so there is a label on each side. If you can see any white edges carefully cut them off.
  5. Write your guest’s name, create a small hole in the top, then tie your label tightly alongside your ribbon. The label should then hang nicely underneath the bow.

For a little more colour you could try adding rainbow sweets such as Skittles or jelly beans! Going to have a go at making these party crafts? Let us know how it goes, we’d love to see pictures!

For more St Patrick’s Day party inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest…

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