How to Hold A Gender Neutral Baby Event

How to Hold A Gender Neutral Baby Event

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Whether it’s a baby shower, baby arrival  party or a joint birthday party for a boy and a girl, holding a gender neutral baby event is much like hosting any other party. However, there are some considerations that need special attention. If you’re hosting a gender neutral baby event, then our top tips will ensure it’s a big success.

Get the word out

One of the things that a successful party relies upon is having plenty of people turn up. This means that you should pay special attention to inviting guests to the event. Although a phone call or text can be an acceptable invitation, there is something that bit more special about a written invitation. Send your invitations out three weeks in advance and ask people to RSVP you. Knowing numbers will help you plan better.

Pick a theme

It’s not necessary to have a party theme, but it can bring a greater sense of occasion to any event. If your gender neutral baby event is a first birthday for example, there are a wide choice of themes available in gender neutral colours such as yellow, red and silver. If it’s a baby shower, there are also  a range of stylish adult themes that will really give your party a touch of class. As long as you avoid pink and blue in a theme, you’ve got a great choice to choose from.


Choose a menu

If you want the best party you can throw, then you need to have a well planned menu of food. As any baby event is a celebratory occasion, choose a menu full of celebratory party foods. Make life easy on yourself by choosing foods that are easy to prepare an can be eaten by hand, such as tarts, salads and homemade pizza. And don’t forget the cakes, guests will love it if you have a beautiful display of your homemade treats. There’s nothing better than people complimenting you on your cake making skills!

Have fun

If you’ve planned your party like we suggest, you should have plenty of time to enjoy your gender neutral baby event with your guests, and be able to look back with fondness for many years to come.


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