Real Party: George’s Easter-Themed 1st Birthday

Real Party: George’s Easter-Themed 1st Birthday

We held George’s Easter-themed 1st birthday party a few weeks ago, and I’m so excited to finally share with you some party photos and details.

Easter Themed 1st Birthday 1

When deciding on the all-important theme for George’s first birthday party, we knew Easter was just perfect. Not only due to the time of the year but rather than walking or crawling he bounces on his knees to get about and we call him our ‘hopping bunny’.

Easter Themed 1st Birthday 2

Due to the polar temperatures we have been experiencing lately, I knew we would spend the day inside so I decorated the casual dining area just off our kitchen. I started with some bunny bunting and some blue and gold tassels hanging from the mantle. I think its a good mix of the two giving the party a clear theme. I had a few little sheep and rabbit figurines from last year’s Easter display so got a little space to pop a few of these between decorations. I love the fan-wheels and the colour scheme was perfect for Spring so I displayed theses using sellotape onto our mantle mirror.

Easter Themed 1st Birthday 3Easter Themed 1st Birthday 7

For party plates and cups I just loved these little rabbit themed pieces. So much fun and Bertie (George’s big brother) loved helping me piece them together the night before the party.. helping set up. The guests were raving about our Carrot napkins.. such a fun touch.

Easter Themed 1st Birthday 5Easter Themed 1st Birthday 4Easter Themed 1st Birthday 6

The party ended up turning out perfectly, and we – most importantly, George – had an amazing time celebrating with our closest friends and family!


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