5 Favourite Summer Party Ideas for Kids!

5 Favourite Summer Party Ideas for Kids!

9. 5 favourite summer party ideas for kids

  1. Jungle parties are perfect for a garden setting. Last summer we teamed up with a talented photographer, Rosie Parsons who threw the coolest animal themed party for her triplets. You can read about all her party details here on the blog.
  2. We all know ice cream is a must when summer arrives, so why not make it your summer party theme? String up ice cream themed garlands, dress your party table in pastel shades and create the ultimate DIY sundae station with flavour options and plenty of tasty toppings.
  3. A tropical theme is ideal for both children and adults. For younger ones give your party setting a fun, playful vibe with cute cacti and inflatable tropical scene setters.
  4. Hosting a sports day is a great way to get kids active, plus it’ll burn the energy they’ll have built up from all the excitement! Our handy kit makes it easy to host your own sporty competition with a collection of classic games and equipment.
  5. Have a picnic with the pooches! We created our own Paw Patrol picnic setting with themed tableware, polka dot accessories and big bunches of helium-filled balloons. It was so easy to put together but instantly gave our picnic a party feel!

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