Pirates of the Caribbean party!

Pirates of the Caribbean party!


Ahoy there! Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is out now at the cinema, so why not celebrate with Jack Sparrow and host a buccaneer bash for your  party pirates. Invite a host of little sea dogs home and let them revel in pirate pranks, rum punch, treasure hunts and gory grub.

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Pirate Party Invitations: If you’ve got enough time why not make an authentic pirate scroll yourself. Draw a treasure map with your house marked by a cross, then stain it with a tea bag and leave it to dry. Remember to fill in all the details such as date, time, location, and what to wear. Then scroll each invitation out and tie it up with some red ribbon or pop in a small water bottle before you send them out. Alternatively the quick option is to buy some pirate themed invitations.

Pirate Fancy Dress: Outfits for pirates are essential to make sure they feel part of the ship. A complete pirate fancy dress outfit includes aruffled-neck shirt or stripy top along with a felt hat, red bandana, cutlass, hook and eye patch will do the trick. You can even add some manly stubble to the little rascals by using a black eye crayon. And for girls any fun red party dress with a pirate party hat will be perfect.

Pirate Party Decorations: Wave the skull and crossbones flag, hoist the sails and put up a ‘Beware of pirates’ lawn sign to entice the other pirates on board the party boat. This will really set the scene and let all your guests know where to join the fun.

pirate_party_kids Portrait of playful pirate boy

Look out for other fun decorations such as jointed pirate paper skeletons, skull & cross bone balloons , pirate ship foil balloon and nestle an inflatable parrot somewhere in the corner. We love the pirate ship party decoration or opt for plain blue or black and decorate the table with shells, pearls and sand (crushed digestive biscuits). In the background play a pirate music CD and put on a pirate DVD such as ‘Hook’ or ‘Treasure Island’ (muted).

Pirate Party Food: Meat Cannonballs, chicken peg legs, spare ribs and walk the plank sandwiches are great nibbles for fearless rogues and can even be popped in a party galleon for a picnic. Serve these with gory red tomato ketchup for dipping. 

Other fun themed treats such as Mcvities Gold chocolate bars, Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts black jacks, jelly bones and fizzy fish sweets will also go down well. You could even make your own jelly pirate boats (filling half an empty orange peel with jelly, letting it set then cut into wedges). Also serve with an ice cream sandcastle (cut packaging away of a punnet of Ben & Jerry’s and sprinkle with crushed digestive biscuits).

Rum punch is essential nectar for any buccaneer using a mix of orange and pineapple juice or just plain ginger beer. For a more gory drink, make blood juice using red cranberry and raspberry juice and serve this in jugs or out of a large punch bowl with a soup ladle. You could even fill an inflatable treasure chest cooler with mini cans of drink, Capri-sun and other cartons of juice.

Children party bithday cake with pirates

Pirate Cake: Every pirate needs a treasure chest cake so make sure you decorate it with shimmering gold chocolate coins, sweet necklaces and colourful smarties so the birthday pirate feels smugly rich! Or why not make a treasure island or pirate cake kit. But if you’re running out of time just add some pirate shaped candles to any cake surprise.

Pirate Games & Activities: Unleash the energy of the little scallywags with some fun filled pirate games. A pirate ship or treasure chest piñata filled with little surprises is great fun as each pirate has a go at hitting the ship until it sinks. Other boisterous games such as ‘crocodile steps’ (variation on Grandmothers’ footsteps) and a pirate treasure hunt are all great for letting off steam. For something quieter pin the eye patch on the pirate’ is a great indoor game as is the treasure game – where pirates have to mark a golden star on a map where they think the treasure is buried.

Pirate Party Bags: Sea dogs need treasure to go home with so fill their party bags with lots of delightful valuables or for a quick option choose the ready to fill pirate party bags. A treasure chest party box or gift cup is quite a fun alternative to party bags and can be filled with pirate bubbles, stationery and other treasures from the seas such as fizzy fish and iced gems. Just make sure every pirate leaves clutching a bag of gold coins and an eye patch.

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