Little Dino Toddler Party

Little Dino Toddler Party


Combining bright colours and friendly-looking characters, the Little Dino party range is perfect for your baby or toddler’s birthday celebration. Combine with simple party food and decorations for some prehistoric, fright-free fun for your little monsters.

littledinobanner Prepare well in advance by sending out Little Dino invitations, and order a prehistoric personalised banner for your little one, featuring their name and age, so it arrives ready for the big day.

Decorate with clusters of dark blue and orange helium-filled balloons to match the motif, as well as dinosaur latex and foil balloons. Hang paper pompoms to catch even the youngest birthday person’s attention. Dress the table with a cover and add a palm tree centrepiece – surrounded by adorable little dinosaurs. Decorate a high chair with a helium balloon tied to the back.

Set out Little Dino paper cups, plates and hats to match the theme. For a baby’s 1st birthday party, plates and cups will provide great things for them to play with and chew on. For a toddler party, fill with chunks of their favourite familiar foods, such as banana, cheese, fruit and vegetable sticks, and squash to drink. Twiglets make great prehistoric ‘bones’. Transform simple sandwiches into T-Rexes using a shaped cutter, or bake dino-shaped cookies. For dessert, set out dinosaur cupcakes on a stand in the middle of the table, or better still, order a personalised dinosaur birthday cake.

dino cake

Use orange and dark blue platters and plastic jugs for serving food and drink from. If you have a Little Dino picnic planned this summer, then pack a little ‘beast feast’ complete with party hat for each party-goer in a dinosaur, plain blue or orange party box and set out a blanket with all their favourite dinosaur toys too.

For a toddler party, choose from a range of dinosaur party games, from stepping stones to a treasure hunt, dinosaur face-painting, a story or a design-your-dino colouring session (good for quietening things down). Combine these with other party games they know, and plenty of musical ones. Smaller ones will just enjoy playing with their dinosaur toys. End the proceedings for older toddlers with a dinosaur pinata, full of treats.

For dinosaur going home bags, bright-coloured cloth totes are ideal for toddlers and they can use them at home, their parents can even personalise them afterwards for nursery. Fill them with dinosaur masks, clockwork toys, stickers and activity books.

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