5 Favourite Pirate Party Supplies

5 Favourite Pirate Party Supplies

Planning to party with the pirates? Setting off to the seven seas for a birthday bash with buccaneers might not be cost effective or safe… so it’s probably best to give your home a transformation instead! Think galleon centre pieces, convincing fancy dress and plenty of treasures. Here’s some of our favourite supplies to get you into the spirit!

5 Favourite Pirate Party Supplies 3

  1. Ahoy There party supplies – This tableware range by Meri Meri is the perfect starting point for a pirate party. It features a rustic design with skull & cross bones and nautical detailing. The showstopper has to be the ‘Ahoy There’ pirate ship centrepiece which you can use to display your themed cupcakes or cookies. We’ve got a great skull & crossbones cookie tutorial here on the blog.
  2. Pirate Bubbles – Simple, but always a winner when it comes to filling party bags or choosing prizes for party games.
  3. Filled Party Bag Kits – If you’ve got lots of guests, choosing fillers can become a bit of a chore! These party bag kits come with pirate sticker sheets, telescopes, bubbles and bouncy balls so all you need to do is put them into the red paper bags and seal with the pirate name stickers.
  4. Treasure Chest Gift Boxes – Every pirate needs a treasure chest! We love these colourful gift boxes, fill them up with chocolate money for going home time!
  5. Pirate Party Gift Cup – These plastic cups make a great alternative to traditional party bags, they come with cellophane bags which you can fill with treats then tie with pretty curling ribbon!

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