Prehistoric Dinosaur Party

Prehistoric Dinosaur Party


Calling all cavemen! Attention all Apatosaurus nuts! Don’t be accused of being a doddery dinosaur by choosing a worn out party theme and instead opt for a prehistoric party. This dinosaur theme can be tweaked to suit a range of ages and from piñatas to themed party bags here are some ideas to help you pull it off.

roar_invitationsDinosaur Party Invitations: For a homemade invitation you could use green card and cut out a basic T-Rex head. Then use white felt for the eyes and teeth. Draw on other details with a black pen and write the party details on the back of the card. Everybody you invite could have a dinosaur name on the invite too, for example, Ben-osaurus, or Toby- the T Rex. Alternatively, you could use the Roarrr Dinosaur invitations.

Dino-Decorations: Make a lawn sign or put a sign on your door saying ‘Jurassic Park’ to get guests roaring to go! Make some dinosaur footprints out of brown paper leading up to the front door and then all the way to the party room. Why not play The Flintstones on mute on an overhead projector too?

For this theme a great colour scheme would be green and brown. The guests could walk through a green metallic door decoration into the party room. Scatter foliage such as large rocks and moss around to create the scene. Or you could go more colourful with the Roarrr Dinosaur decorations and use their plates and napkins along with dinosaur party balloons. A combination of these ideas would avoid it being too matchy-matchy. Dinosaur confetti and The Roarrrr Dinosaur Table Decoration as the table centerpiece would be spot on too.

Fossil Party Food: You can really have some foodie fun with this theme. Make some easy fruit and cheese sticks with cubes of firm cheeses such as cheddar and Red Leicester and skewer onto sticks along with grapes or chunks of apples or pears. Then stick the skewers into half an upside down watermelon. Carefully make the holes in the watermelon first with a metal skewer.

Serve bowls of dinosaur bones (Twiglets) and dinosaur eggs (hard boiled eggs dyed green) as well as Pterosaur Wings and T-Rex drumsticks (chicken wings and drumsticks). Nigella Lawson’s recipe for Buttermilk Chicken Drumsticks is child friendly and scrummy. Bowls of BBQ sauce and ketchup can be labeled ‘Mud’ and ‘Ketchup’. Healthy alternatives could be ‘green’ coloured snacks such as cucumber, asparagus and celery sticks with guacamole and houmous dips.

For drinks have jugs of swamp water and volcanic lava juice. The swamp water can be either cloudy apple juice or cloudy lemonade and the lava juice could be orange juice or even cranberry juice.

For something sweet you could make chocolate cupcakes and decorate them with Mini Eggs for baby dinosaur eggs, or red jelly with lychees suspended in it looks suitably gory.


For the main birthday cake the Make a Dragon/Dinosaur Cake is a relatively easy but very impressive option and you can personalise a dinosaur cake for that extra special touch.

Dinosaur Games and Activities: These popular party games have been given a prehistoric twist:

Dinosaur Egg Relay: Divide children into two teams – the Dinosaurs and the Cavemen for example, and give each child a spoon and each team a hard boiled egg either painted white or dyed (for younger members or to avoid any mess you can always opt for the egg bounce ball). The first person in each line races to the other end of the room and back, keeping the egg on the spoon. When they return they must then transfer their egg onto the next team members spoon and repeat until all players have finished. The winning team could get some Dino-o-mite. Just make Dino-o-mite labels and stick onto Sherbet fountains.

Predator Pinata: Pinatas are always hilariously fun and the T Rex piñata is perfect for your Dinosaur party. Just remember to fill the pinata with little suprises first. To make the piñata more difficult you could either blindfold your little dinosaurs or spin them around a couple of times before they try and hit it (or even both). Just make sure everyone is standing well back when they take a swing! For slightly older kids you could add a new twist and combine this activity with a quick quiz. The person who gets the right answer has a turn to hit the piñata. The National Geographic Kids website has a dinosaur quiz in the games section you could use. Or just print out pictures of different dinosaurs and the person to name the dinosaur correctly gets a go.

Pin the Tooth on the Dinosaur and Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Caveman are clever twists on the party game favourites Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Duck, Duck, Goose.

Dinosaur Party Bags: Keep all the little dinosaurs smiley rather than gnarly with a dinosaur party bag! Dinosaur Eye Masks and Dinosaur Finger Puppets will go down well with any potential De Niro Dinos. Then throw in a dinosaur memo pad, a glitter slime egg and some popping rock candy.



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