Decorate Your Fairy Party

Decorate Your Fairy Party

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There are plenty of gorgeous fairy-themed decorations available for a fairy birthday party, which make the best impact when they are combined with plain colours. Mix and match pastel tones, stars, butterflies and flowers to create a magical fairy kingdom for your little girl.

Create an enchanted glade by using hanging paper pompoms and lanterns, garlands, streamers and hanging decorations in pink, purple, green and white. Fresh flower stems and leaves can be hung up using clear nylon thread; try hanging any cuttings that you can collect from the garden. For extra woodland effect, try hanging a few young tree branches picked that morning, such as beech.

If your daughter has a play-tent, put it up in the corner of the ‘glade’ and plug in a nightlight or arrange several LED tea-lights in a row outside it, then the fairies can all have somewhere quiet to play. Hang up fairy lights and pieces of thin netting in pale pink or white to hide the ceiling and walls and transform the space. This works inside the house and out in the garden too, under the trees.

mixed pompoms pink hanging butterfly dec flower fairy toppers fairy balloons

Blow bubbles over the girls as they arrive and perhaps when they are seated around in the fairy ring, ready for their fairy feast. Weight down clusters of clear helium balloons and fairy-themed bubble balloons around the edge of the party space. If the party is outside in the garden, try and get hold of a few cut-off logs, for them to sit on in a circle; alternatively, cushions or blankets will do.

Create an enchanted garden feel with giant flowers: you can make balloon flowers from clusters of balloons tied together or a balloon archway using special balloon holders and clips. Enormous crepe paper or tissue paper flowers will make great scene setters on the walls and make these little girls feel even littler!

Sprinkle the table-top itself with fresh or dried flower petals (make sure these aren’t poisonous in case of eating or strongly coloured which can stain when wet). Other party accessories, such as fancy dress items, will enhance the fairy environment. Hang a pair of fairy wings on the back of each chair and place fairy wands in tin buckets down the centre of the table. A flower-shaped piñata will complement your décor as well as being a fun fairy party game for later on.

Check out our Fairy Party board on Pinterest for more inspiration, and click here to buy your fairy party supplies from Party Pieces.


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