Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaur Party Ideas


A dinosaur-themed birthday party is a must for an active, adventurous boy. Ensure that in the minds of your young explorer and his friends, these mighty creatures are still top of the food chain. Organise a prehistoric party in style and keep little beasts happy with dinosaur party food, party games and decorations.

Send out homemade invitations in the shape of your favourite dinosaur or send a different one to each friend, tailoring the creature’s name to fit theirs; for example Tom Triceratops or Jack-o-saurus. You could also make an ancient dino egg from card, which could open to reveal the party information. For younger boys, the Roarrrr Dinosaur range features friendly versions of these ancient giants, including colourful invitations. For older, more intrepid adventurers, try the Dino Blast party theme.

Decorate your dino party in greens, greys and browns; the perfect prehistoric environment of rocks and jungle. Line the path to your front door with coloured craft paper and paint on dinosaur footprints. Continue these footprints around the house using paper cut-outs. Compliment these with palm-tree scene setters on the walls, hanging green streamer ‘vines’ on the ceiling and clusters of green helium balloons; drape sofas and furniture to look like rocky outcrops.

roaaarrr dino balloons Dino-blast dino pinata

Cover the table with a dinosaur cloth and serve party food on leaf platters, dinosaur party-ware and bamboo plates. Have fun with the food: chicken drumsticks could be eaten caveman-style, small baked potatoes could be boulders and baked beans lava flow and rocks. For herbivores, veggie sticks and dips are a fun option. Twiglets could be dinosaur bones and chocolate versions make great dino eggs. Bake up some fossil cookies, with plastic insect shapes pressed into them before cooking. For drinks, mix up fruit cordials or juices and give them evocative names like Stone-age squash and Jurassic juice.

Set up a ‘watering hole’ using blue paper on the floor, where they can play dinosaur party games, such as Dinosaur’s footsteps and stepping stones. Another fun idea is to have a lucky dip ‘dig’ for fossilised prizes in a sandpit (if you don’t have one, fill a small paddling pool with play sand). There are loads of brilliant dinosaur party bag fillers to choose from, raging from stickers and stationery to gliders and finger puppets. Fill a dinosaur party mug with goodies, or buy a pre-filled dinosaur party bag kit.

Check out our Dinosaur party board on Pinterest for more ideas and click here to shop for dino party supplies at Party Pieces.


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