Disney Frozen Party

Disney Frozen Party


With its wintry theme, Disney’s hit movie Frozen might seem an odd choice for a summer birthday party… However, as snowman Olaf’s such a fan of the season, a Frozen party with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and friends is the ideal choice… With two ranges to choose from, just Let it Go and have fun!

The Frozen Olaf party theme will make a cool child’s birthday in the bright summer colours of the beach; blue and yellow. Featuring the funny and friendly character Olaf, the tablecloth, napkins, plates and cups are a must. Team this party theme with blue and yellow serving bowls and cutlery on the table. Extend the beachy theme with striped decorations and flag bunting. Organise the cutlery into tin buckets in the middle of the table.

For girls who love pink, the classic Frozen party theme is a great choice too, combining bright magenta and deep turquoise and featuring sisters Anna and Elsa. Compliment either range with white party decorations to add a wintry element, such as helium balloons, white tissue pompom snowballs and white streamers.


Serve summer party food and drink cool enough to stop the kids melting. Add a few icy touches and Frozen names to your party food spread.  Sprinkle a few drops of natural blue colouring into ice trays and drop the blue cubes into their favourite party drink, or add straight to clear lemonade or jelly. Frost party cup rims by wiping a lemon around each one and dipping into caster sugar. Serve little carrot-stick Olaf noses with a snowy yoghurt, cheese and herb dip, and make little Olafs from marshmallows on sticks.

A yellow and white personalised cake will make a special birthday surprise. If you want to make your own, ice a birthday or fairy cakes with blue and white glace icing and let it trickle down the sides, to look like icicles. Add Olaf and the other Frozen characters to the top, or make a cake in the shape of Olaf. Serve with ice cream – of course! Another idea might be to have an ice-cream bar with their favourite sprinkles and toppings to choose from. If you’re showing the Disney film, this is the perfect accompaniment as they watch.


Olaf is a big fan of fun, so make sure you have plenty of their favourite party games, given Frozen twists; Olaf’s footprints, and musical snowmen, for example. Olaf’s favourite summer games might include plenty of water fun on hot days, and try a sandpit treasure dig; bury prizes in a sandpit and mark a grid above the surface with string – each child chooses a square and digs for their treat. Hand out prizes such as loom band kits, jewellery, bouncy balls, stationery and bubbles. Send each of them home with a balloon and a Frozen filled party bag.

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