Disney Party Food Ideas

Disney Party Food Ideas

minnie mouse cups

Disney movie magic has captivated generations of children, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s such a popular choice of party theme. Whether you’re laying on a Mickey Mouse extravaganza, a general Disney celebration, or choosing another much-loved character or movie, here are a few Disney-themed party food tips to get you started…

One thing all Disney themes have in common is a distinct colour scheme – handy when you’re theming your party. Use block-coloured party decorations and accessories to compliment your chosen range. For Minnie Mouse, add red, pink and white; purple, pale blue and white for hit movie Frozen or blue and yellow for Donald Duck, for example. Reflect these bright hues – naturally whenever possible – in the party food and drink.

Much-loved characters
Choose specific characters’ favourite foods; for example, Mickey Mouse and Minnie like cheese, the Mad Hatter’s dormouse likes jam, Winnie-the-Pooh likes honey – so select sandwich fillings accordingly. If you can get hold of a Disney character cutter, you can shape sandwiches and fillings, cookies and even pizzas to fit. For those going for a general Disney-fest, how about serving a dish from a favourite film, like Lady & the Tramp‘s spaghetti with meatballs.

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Magical storybook themes
Equally, tailor the food to more general subject; for Cinderella, go for a feast fit for a princess, with plenty of crown-shaped sandwiches, and pale blue iced slipper-shaped biscuits, dusted with edible glitter.

Edible tree cookies Nemo Funky Sandwich

Add drops of natural blue food colouring to fruit jelly or fizzy water, dust fruit with sugar-frost and make snowflake-shaped iced cookies as part of a glacial spread for Frozen.

For a sandwich with an under-sea twist for The Little Mermaid, make ham and cheese croissant crabs, with carrot-stick legs and olives stuck on top with cocktail sticks for eyes. Using a cutter, shape cookies into starfish – and get the kids to decorate their own as a fun party activity. We love this Finding Nemo idea, using carrots and chives on top of the sandwich, with cucumber eyes and bubbles.

mickey mouse clubhouse

Simple food in fancy dress
You don’t have to introduce exotic foods; instead present party failsafes in a Disney manner – this can be as simple as you like. For the unmistakeable Disney-mouse silhouette, use round chocolate biscuits, marshmallow teacakes or chocolate fairy cakes for the head and add giant chocolate buttons for ears. Add extra magic to a fruit salad by cutting fruit into star shapes using cutters and sprinkling over a touch of edible glitter or popping candy as you serve it.

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