10 Cool Musical Games

10 Cool Musical Games

It’s time to get the dance shoes out with some musical games, press play and liven things up! All you need is simple tape or CD player and the musical party games will go with a rock and a roll! Make sure you have a couple of fun party CD’s to get the party started, you can adapt each one depending on the liveliness of the games and the age of the children.

Musical Chair Games

1. Spin the Microphone

This is a fun twist on the classic game of truth or dare! Stand in a circle and place the microphone in the centre. Spin the microphone and whoever it points at has to choose between doing a dae or telling a secret.

2. Disco Musical Statues

Simple and timeless and you don’t need to buy or prepare anything for this. Get the children to dance to the music and when the music stops they have to keep as still as possible, anyone moving is ‘out’. As the judge, try to make one or more of the children giggle by pulling a funny face or staring at them. Match your musical statues game to your party theme with fancy dress or a particular music theme!

3. Party Island

This has the same concept as musical chairs but when the music stops, guests have to stand on a party island. Last guest standing on an island wins the game. You can use sheets of newspaper to act as your island and each round the child has to fold the newspaper in half and then half again until eventually some can’t balance on the small piece of newspaper and are then ‘out’.

4. Musical Chairs

A boisterous game that children love. Place a row of chairs back to back and get the children to dance around them. When the music stops they have to sit down on a chair. Next time round remove one chair and the child who doesn’t find one is ‘out’. You can also play with cushions instead of chairs for a slightly ‘softer’ landing.

Limbo Games

5. Limbo Games

Limbo is really testing for children and made all the more fun with lively music. Just make sure there are some soft cushions or rugs for the bumpy landings or even play it outside where the grass is softer.

6. Pass the Parcel

Wrap a parcel/prize with lots of layers of wrapping paper, alternating the patterns of paper and attach a sweetie or small prize to each layer. The more layers the better enabling as many children as possible get a chance to unwrap a layer. When the music starts the parcel is passed around in a circle. When the music stops the person holding the parcel gets to unwrap a layer. Continue until the last layer is unwrapped to reveal the prize. To save time, why not buy a pass the parcel party game pack which has everything inside you’ll need to play the game.

7. Dancing Competition

Play a tune and get the children to dance then pick out the best boy and girl dancer and then a prize for the funniest dancer.

singalong games

8. Sing-along

This is great for younger children but opt for a sing-along cd rather than just vocal music so the songs are instantly recognizable. Songs such as ‘row the boat’, ‘if you’re happy and you know it’, ‘hokey cokey’ ‘the wheels on the bus’ and ‘oranges and lemons’ are among the favourites.

9. Musical Noises

Collect a selection of musical instruments such as a harmonica, recorder, toy drum, tambourine, mini keyboard or triangle and demonstrate the instruments to the group, telling them what each one is called. Then hide behind a sofa and get the children to guess the sound of the instrument you are playing. Everyone gets a sweet once all the sounds have been guessed.

10. Strictly Come Dancing

Divide the children into teams of four and get them to come up with a small dance routine together. Give them a few dressing up accessories such as sunglasses, feather boas, hats and pretend microphones to start things off. Award prizes for the best group of dancers, most original dancers etc to avoid too much sulking.

Top Tips

  • You can easily adapt old favourite musical games to fit with your theme for example at a princess party pretend when the music stops the evil stepmother turns them to ice statues. Also pick cd’s to fit with your theme.
  • Musical games can often result in children being ‘out’ on a one-by-one basis so keep the game moving swiftly before they loose concentration. Encourage those who are knocked out to join you as a fellow judge.
  • Leave a few books or games on a sofa nearby for a shy child to play with who doesn’t want to join in, but encourage them to join in the next game.
  • Have lots of small prizes for the winners but also for those who are the funniest dancer, coolest dancer, loudest singer etc so they all feel they have a chance.
  • For the faster moving games such as musical chairs, musical statues and disco choose music with a fast beat to keep things lively.
  • Running out of time? Look out for musical party game kits such as a pass the parcel kit from Party Pieces.
  • Party Classics or Pop Party CD have some all time classics to get the party started. Or theme your party music!


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