Big Top Circus Party

Big Top Circus Party


The circus is in town this season so put on the greatest show on earth with candy floss stalls, carnival games, face painting, relay races and plenty of Hoola-hooping! Here’s to some hilarious fun and some clowning around.

Circus Invitation

For easy planning order some circus themed party invitations that are colourful and fun. If you feel like being more creative, design your own wacky clown face using coloured card, pom poms and other decorations. You could even write all your party details on an unrolled party blower and then attach this to the clown’s mouth.

Circus decorations

Circus Party Giant Yellow Balloon

Bright and bold colours are best for a circus party and choose a couple of dominant colours such as yellow, red and blue or even just plain white and red with splashes of other vibrant colours.

Create a circus tent canopy above your party tea table by cascading coloured party streamers and fun outdoor bunting from a middle point such as a lighting fixture or branch of a tree (if you are outside). For a centrepiece, why not fill a tiered cupcake stand with swirly whirly cupcakes or even add soft toy animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes to the middle of the table.

Tie big bold balloons in clusters and attach to the backs of chairs or fun places around the garden.  Circus posters on walls or tree trunks and some fun circus party music will set the scene for the arriving guests. You could even set up a ticket booth at your front door and get an adult wearing a clown outfit or clown nose to greet arriving guests and hand out carnival tickets which they can exchange for prizes.

Circus fancy dress

Making a clown outfit is fun and relatively easy so long as you use lots of bright fabrics, colourful spots and add some face paints – rosy red cheeks, red clown nose and big red lips. Other fun accessories include a sparkly bowler hat or any other cheap hat will work decorated with some colourful pom poms. Sew the pom poms onto pipe cleaners and push them through holes in the hat.

Stripy pyjamas or trousers, brightly coloured wigs, metallic masks t-shirts and large oversized shoes also make jolly clowns. For a ring master costume use an old tail jacket and top hat and for an acrobat any leotard or swimsuit decorated with sequins and diamantes looks fabulous.

Circus party food

Circus Party Candied Popcorn

Any fun and colourful treats such as animal shaped biscuits and shaped sandwiches filled with peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and jelly will go down a treat.

Tasty hot dogs with squiggles of tomato ketchup and a mild mustard are great for a circus theme and for pudding bowls or cones of popcorn (any colour you can think of), toffee apples, candy floss or ice cream cones with hundreds and thousands. Homemade ice lollies made by freezing yoghurt and fruit are also fun and are a little less sugary.

Circus games & activities

Fill your afternoon with sports games, obstacle courses and relay races. If you are planning the party outside three legged races, egg and spoon (use peanuts or jelly instead of eggs), hoola hoop rolling and walk the tightrope competition are all fun.

To play this you need:

  • a raised thick plank of wood
  • an umbrella
  • a book

Get the children to take it in turns walking the tightrope firstly with an umbrella, then balancing a book on their head and finally carrying an umbrella and balancing a book on their head at the same time.

Play the ‘fishing game’ and make a rod using a long pole, some string and clothes pin. Place a ‘helper’ behind a board, table or sofa and get the children to take it in turns to ‘fish’ for the prize and the helper pins the prize onto their pole.

Other fun circus food activities such as candy floss making, the flour game and doughnut game will be really popular. For a particularly boisterous crowd a tin can shoot using water pistols and empty tin cans placed on a bench is hilarious fun and what about a game of ‘limbo’ to see who the real acrobats are.

And don’t forget to set up a face painting stall and give the party guests vibrant bold colours to parade around the garden.

Circus party bags

Fill popcorn boxes or party bags with circus themed animals, stickers, bouncy balls, fortune teller fish and swirly lollipops. Don’t forget a slice of birthday cake too and some fun Fizz Wiz candy that crackles and pops!

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