Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur Party

DInosaur Party

Make the prehistoric come alive at home and fill your house with oversize reptiles, ferns, foliage and prepare edible dinosaurs for little ones to enjoy. This theme is a favourite with so many children and there are lots of ways for you to create a truly atmospheric and primitive party.

Dinosaur Party Invitations

If you’ve got enough time you can try making your own dinosaur invitations by cutting out dinosaur footprints using some coloured card. You can then write the party details on and pop in an envelope with a scattering of dinosaur confetti and sealed with a dinosaur sticker. Or to save time, why not buy a pack of dinosaur party invitations or, if the party boy or girl is a fan of Jurassic World, go for the themed invitations. All that’s left to do is fill the details in.

Dinosaur Dressing up:

Dinosaur Party Masks

Ask the party guests to dress up as cavemen or dinosaurs, which will give them some ideas to experiment with. This is easy to achieve with brown fabric, fake fur and old bits of leather. Or alternatively ask the guests to come dressed in green and on arrival give them each a dinosaur mask to wear. There are also some fabulous dinosaur dressing up costumes you can buy as a special treat for the birthday boy or girl!

Dinosaur Party Decorations:

Set the scene by drawing dinosaur footprints on the driveway of your house, using chalk. Have a soundtrack of Jurassic park playing in the background or a dvd (on mute). Decorate your room using a mixture of themed dinosaur banners and balloons as well as other plain green coloured party accessories to create a real primeval rainforest such as green crepe. Tie helium-filled balloons on to the back of chairs and anchor them in other corners of the room using balloon weights.

Pin dinosaur posters on the walls, hang a T-Rex pinata from the ceiling (a great decoration that doubles up as a game!) and fill the party tea table or side tables with plants and crumpled brown paper to imitate cave rocks. For the table, themed dinosaur tableware or Jurassic World tableware is perfect or, for simpler spread, why not just use a plain green and yellow tableware with a dinosaur centrepiece, dinosaur toys and other oversized reptiles.

Dinosaur Party Food:

Dinosaur Party Lunch

To make things easy, stick to the party favourites but label each snack with dinosaur related names. Make stegosaurus sarnies by cutting out filled sandwiches using a dinosaur cookie cutter and create little dinosaur eggs from quails eggs or mini mozzarella balls. Tyrannosaurus meatballs or Pterodactyl sausages are great ideas for the carnivore section, and for the herbivore; platters of vegetable sticks and dips are perfect.  Don’t forget the sweet treats too, such as brontosaurus brownies, rock cakes and dinosaur shaped cookies.

If you’re planning on making the most of the foliage and  are planning an outdoor party, then pack individual food boxes for a prehistoric picnic!

Dinosaur Games & Activities:

Organise a ‘dinosaur egg hunt by hiding little eggs around the house or outside for the guests to find and give them each a dinosaur cup to collect their findings. Little jelly bones are fun treats to hide around the house too. Dinosaur egg relay race– this is exactly like an egg and spoon race but just re-named to fit with the theme.  Divide the children into two teams and each child takes it in turns to carry the egg and spoon around a cone before the next player goes. If they drop the egg they have to start again. The quickest team wins.

Create a dinosaur version of pin the tail on the donkey called ‘spike the Stegosaurus’ – you can use a dinosaur poster pinned on to a board for this. Create pins for each child using drawing pins and strips of paper with their names on. Each child is blindfolded, turned around twice and has to attempt to place their pin as close to the dinosaurs eye(s) as possible. The children closest to the eyes are the winners.

Dinosaur Party Bags:

We love the dinosaur filled party bag that has lots of fun toys inside and is all pre-prepared saving you lots of time. If you’d rather fill the bags yourself opt for loot bags or gift cups and fill with dinosaur stickers, stationary, finger puppets and a few edible treats such as dinosaur or bone shaped sweeties.


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