Real Party: Mermaid Party

Real Party: Mermaid Party


Mermaid parties are so popular right now, so it was super fun to throw this under-the-sea themed birthday party, complete with beautiful mermaids and ocean decorations!

lets be mermaids main


Print and fill in our free Mermaid party invitation. Roll this up and tie with string and slip inside a vintage glass bottle. Fill the bottle with sea sand, some mini shells and close with a cork stopper. Decorate the neck of the bottle with twine and decorate seashells or paper starfish, which can act as a nametag too.

mermaid invitations


Welcome guests with the free printable CELEBRATE bunting and fill the room with paper sea posters and streamers made from coloured paper in different blues and greens.

celebrate buntingocean posters


To create an ethereal look, possibly at the buffet and/or cake table – hang a white mosquito net, decorated with a mermaid themed garland and twinkling fairy lights.

mermaid table


Fill the room with lots and lots of “bubbles”, by blowing up many balloons in all different sizes in white, blues and greens – even just all in one colour would be amazing! This is a great idea, as young kids LOVE balloons! Alternatively, hang white, blue and/or green Chinese paper lanterns from the ceiling with streamers hanging down to mimic giant jellyfish!

BONUS: Check out Party Pieces range of giant confetti balloons and Mermaid Mylar shaped ones too.


Decorate the centre of the table with glass vases in a variety of sizes filled either with:

  • Small white stones, water and water plants purchased from the garden centre
  • Water coloured with blue and green food colouring
  • Coloured Gel balls bought from florists and just add water
  • Sea Sand (available from hardwares) (or I have used washing powder before) sprinkled with real shells on top or paper cut outs of shells and starfish.
  • Glitter Mermaid Paper Honeycomb Centrepieces

mermaid centrepiece sea shells mermaid shells


Create a low table for kids and cover with a Party Pieces mermaid-themed tablecloth or a plain white tablecloth. Set up a place setting for each of the little ones: with Lets Be Mermaids themed paper plates, cups and napkins. Add paper straws (Party Pieces have blue and pink ones featuring glitter embellishments in the shape of mermaids and shells) and wooden cutlery for environmentally friendly disposable partyware.

mermaid cutlery mermaid buffet table mermaid plates mermaid plates


Fill little bucket pails of food:

  • PEARLS: Green Grapes
  • SEA CUCUMBERS: Slice Cucumber
  • FISH AND CHIPS: Fish Crackers and salt and vinegar crisps
  • STAR SANDWICHES: Peanut butter and jam sandwiches, Cheese and tomato, Ham and Cheese, Cucumber and Kiri Cheese – all cut in the shape of stars and/or other cookie cutter sea creature shapes.


Fill a dispenser with water and or juice, use food colouring to make it even bluer. For individual water bottles gift each guest a Water Bottle With Freezer Stick Mermaid or customise shop bottles with our free printable water bottle labels.

mermaid water


If adults are invited too, create a special area for them by serving some champagne and seafood canapés or sushi.


For cupcakes, decorate the top of vanilla cakes and blue icing with crushed Marie/Tennis biscuits – and add Belgian shell-shaped chocolates on top or the Lets Be Mermaids Cupcake Kit toppers/We Heart Mermaids Cake Toppers.

mermaid cupcakes mermaid cupcakes


Customise Party Pieces Sparkly Star Wands to look more sea themed, by simply trimming the stars into starfish shapes; add glitter or sequins for extra bling. This also works great as a party activity for older kids and a take home pressie in one.

water wands water wands


Make a crown from paper and decorate with shells and other sea themed bits and pieces. For older kids you could make it a mini competition and have each mermaid model their crown and award small prizes for the best; most colourful, most creative etc.


Fill a giant plastic clam (available from most toy stores) with white play sand (also available from toy stores or hardwares). Inside, try hiding chocolate gold coins and/or mini sea plastic toys for an under water treasure hunt; made even more special with one of the Party Pieces Glitter coin purses for each guest.


Dress up your little one, in a white sleeveless t-shirt (decorate with pretty fabric bows and sequins on the neckline) and then have her wear an oversized tulle skirt in soft pastel colours) or go all out and spoil the birthday girl with a Party Pieces mermaid costume!

mermaid costumemermaid tailmermaid costume


If your party is an all-day affair, keep all the little mermaids occupied with the Party Pieces ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ style mermaid party game. Kids will love sticking the cute pink seahorses on the mermaid while they wear the included glitzy blue blindfold. Another idea is to purchase Party Piece’s glitzy mermaid piñata – it is both a fun decoration and exciting game for the kids to enjoy! Fill with treats and hang up in your party venue. The lovely mermaid features a shimmering iridescent mermaid tail and beautiful long hair. When it’s time for the fun and games, kids can take turns hitting the piñata until it breaks open and all the prizes and goodies fall out for children to enjoy!


Fill little Glitter mermaid cellophane party bags or Shell Party favour bags with:

  • Star Bubble Necklaces
  • Mermaid Rubber ducks for the bath and/or bubble bath
  • Sea shaped gummy sweets on skewers
  • Mermaid stickers, notebooks, puzzles, tattoos and stationery
  • Let’s Be Mermaids Mini Piñata Favours

Or buy beach plastic buckets and spades – that can be used to hold food or for the games, and the guests can take these home as a party favours. Add our free printable favour tags to customise your little gift bags.

mermaid thank you labels mermaid tattoos mermaid party bags


Click here for free mermaid printables.


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