Real Party: A Purr-fect Kitten Party

Real Party: A Purr-fect Kitten Party

Do you know someone who loves cats? Follow these fun ideas to throw them a purr-fect party!

Kitten Party 0

Got Milk?

Cats love to drink milk and so for a cute invitation idea roll your paper invite, tie with a piece of wool and pop inside a milk bottle-shaped plastic container. Use our decorative printable labels to address each invite.

Cute Cat Signs

Kitten Party 4

Creating cute signs and sticking these up around your party venue is a great way to set the scene. Here our printables welcome guests, ask them to “wipe their paws” and show which way the “litterbox” is.

Kitten Party 30

The Cats’ Whiskers

Kitten Party 3a

As guests arrive, set up a little dress up station by making or buying Alice bands with cat ears on top, craft some furry tails from fake fur with a safety pin on one end and sketch on a nose and whiskers with an eyebrow pencil.

Kitty Cat Centrepieces

Kitten Party 9C Kitten Party 10

Craft your own centrepieces by arranging a little bouquet of pink flowers in milk glass vases or bottles on a pink dinner plate, alongside place mini balls of colourful wool and tiny cat toy figurines. Also, the Pick ‘n’ Mix range from Party Pieces make some pretty cute “Party” flags to pop into the flower arrangements too.

Cool Cat Corner

Kitten Party 9H Kitten Party 9B

For your party table, you will want to buy the Party Pieces cat range of paper bunting, plates, cups and balloons. The plates come in three different designs all in the shape of a cute cat face. Add our printable place cards at each place setting so each little kitten knows where to sit.

The Milk Bar

Kitten Party 12

For a fun drinks station, buy different kinds of milk and flavoured milk straws: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Serve in cute cat paper cups and stripy straws. Stick up our printable THE MILK BAR poster too!

Fat Cat Snack Attack

Kitten Party 11b

Serving snacks just got a whole lot cuter with our printable cat themed tin can wrappers. Designed to fit around Pringle canisters your chips and snacks suddenly become “Something Fishy”.

Nice Mice Cheese & Crackers

Kitten Party 15

Create cute little cheese and crackers, by unpeeling the foil off soft cheese triangles and placing each one on a cracker. Decorate with almond ears, a raisin nose and a chive tail to make cute mini mice.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Kitten Party 33

Look out for cat-themed sweets and treats at the supermarket, here we found chocolates that are in fact called cats’ tongues.

Kitten Party 31

Kitten Party 32

Curiosity And The Cat

Kitten Party 17

It’s amazing how many famous cat characters there are. Use our Name that Cat quiz to see how many your guests can name!

Go Fish

Kitten Party19 Kitten Party 20

A classic kids carnival game sure to be played over and over again. Print and cut out the fish and attach a paper clip to each one. On each one write either “prize” or “no luck”. For those who catch a “prize” fish, you can award a small prize or sweet. Tie a piece of wool to one end of a dowel stick and a magnet to the other end of the wool. Lay the paper fish in a box decorated with our printable “Water scene” and then get ready to go fish!

While The Cat Is Away, The Mice Will Play

Kitten Party 22

Playing tin can toss is just as fun when you are a kitten, as now you have to aim for the buckets with tiny little mice toys.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Kitten Party 24

Much like pass the parcel and “hot potato”, this party ball has layers of crepe paper which reveal a small prize and the centre a grand one. Plus lots of ribbon streamers for the little kittens to enjoy!

Adopt A Cat

Kitten Party 26 Kitten Party 24a Kitten Party 25a Kitten Party 28

Set up a little station where your guests get to “Adopt a Cat” as part of their party favours. Here the guests can not only pick a cat soft toy (we found these at IKEA) but also fill out their adoption certificate and name their new feline friend. As an added activity provide ribbon or cord, letter beads, colourful beads, charms or little bells and the guests can make a new collar for their cat.

No Room To Swing A Cat

Kitten Party 29

For a cat-themed pinata, customise a standard football pinata from Party Pieces, by removing the dark crepe paper pieces and then winding lots of thick wool around the ball to mimic a woollen one.

Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

Kitten Party 34a Kitten Party 33A Kitten Party 34

For sweetie bags, the cat-themed little treat boxes are just perfect to fill with cat and fishbone erasers. Add a little printable favour tag or for a larger thank you option, print and write out the printable cards – thanking guests for making the party just purr-fect!

Download all free printables here.


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