Tinkerbell Fairy Party Ideas

Tinkerbell Fairy Party Ideas

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With a faint fluttering of wings and a bit of magic dust you can create a beautiful fairyland that shimmers, twinkles and shines. Here are some magic tricks to help you get started for a magical fairy party that your special little girls will talk about for years to come!

Tinkerbell Fairy Invitations:

Using pink card, cut out the shape of a butterfly, flower or pair of wings and write on all the party details. Decorate this with glitter and pop in an envelope with a few pink gummy sweets. Or just buy some Disney fairy invitations and spend your time making some beautiful edible treats instead.

Tinkerbell Fairy Fancy Dress:

This is one of the easiest themes for girls to dress for and they’ll have plenty of outfits so long as they are pink, pretty and girlie. Then just add a pair of wings, a tiara and a magic wand. Even a ballet outfit can be transformed. For a very special Tinkerbell fairy fancy dress outfit Party Pieces have some fabulous outfits but it will be hard to choose between them!

Tinkerbell Fairy Party Decorations:

Your daughters’ bedroom will have lots of great accessories you can use for the Tinkerbell fairy party, such as pretty pillows, rugs and throws. Use pale pastels as your base colour for the room or go all the way with Tinkerbell decorations. Fairy lights will add twinkling glamour along with a fairy piñata and butterfly hanging decorations. Fill the ceiling with pastel coloured and Tinkerbell fairy foil helium balloons tied with silver curling ribbon and attach bunches to the back of chairs. Pastel tissue paper can be used to cut out butterfly shapes which can be placed on windows and use the rest for wrapping presents for the games. Read here for more ideas on decorating your fairy party.

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You can use most of these decorations for an outdoor party and use trees and branches to hang your bunting, balloons and piñatas from. Butterfly party lanterns look wonderful suspended from a tree branch. For the party tea why not have a picnic instead and fill gingham party food boxes with fun and delicious treats.

 Tinkerbell Fairy Party Food:

Butterfly fairy bread imageAnything that looks too pretty to eat is probably on the right lines so use butterfly and star shaped cookie cutters to make sandwiches girlie. Fill them with fillings such as ham & cheese, cucumber & cream cheese or egg mayonnaise. Or try making some butterfly fairy bread (pictured). Make some mini magic mushroom pizzas, tiny tomato tarts and buy mini scotch eggs. Daisy shaped or pink spotty plates are great ways to serve these on. Check out our dedicated post on fairy party food ideas.

You can make most of the sweet things a few days in advance and store them in an airtight container. Caterpillar shaped meringues and pretty daisy cupcakes (or ready-iced fairy cakes from the supermarket) will look charming arranged on a tiered cake stand. There are lots of fairy-friendly nibbles in the supermarket such as pink wafer slices, iced gems, little fondant fancies and mini marshmallows. For something a bit healthy, prepare some mini strawberry & raspberry fruit skewers.

Tinkerbell Fairy Party Cake:

A personalised fairy birthday cake is perfect for a fairy party and and will impress lots of hopeful eyes. This will also look great as your table centrepiece. Alternatively a personalised photo cake kit with a photo of the fairy birthday girl is fun and original.

tinkerbell plates

Tinkerbell Fairy Games & Activities:

If you’ve got enough space, a fairy disco (pop party cd) will add spark to the atmosphere and play games such as musical fairy statues and pass the magic parcel. If you have enough help, set up a fairy facepainting booth where fairies can go and get their own flowers and butterflies. For something quieter, captivate the fairies with the story of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan  and then whisk them to the kitchen for some creative cupcake decorating. Wand making or fairy painting kits are also fun and creative activities.

Tinkerbell Fairy Party Bags:

The party bag is often the best bit of a party and fairies will love anything girlie. A fairy stationary set is a good base to a party bag, mixed with some jewellery and a few mini packs of love hearts or Chupa Chup lollies. Other popular accessories are beaded purses, ice cream bubbles and scrunchies. But running out of time, pink filled party bag kits are by far the quickest and cheapest option.

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