Ice Cream Party Ideas!

Ice Cream Party Ideas!

When it comes to picking the theme for your child’s party you might not have any say in the decision at all. If, however, your child isn’t too sure what they want and they are a fan of ice cream (who isn’t!) then I would recommend steering them towards this.

Ice Cream Party
It’s just such a fun summer party with great colours that work for boys and girls and it leaves the entertainment and activities totally open.

My top tips for an ice cream party:

1. Use as many colours as you like but pick pastels or brights before you start
2. Look for some great party printables to help create the look. The ones below are from Etsy.
3. A selection of easy to scoop Ice cream. When you’re home, eating through a tub, it doesn’t matter if it takes longer to scoop than it does to eat, when you have a queue of children it will stress you out.
4. Pick three flavours, lots of sprinkles and sweets as well as one or two sauce options.
5. Have your ice cream table set up in the shade (the shade might not be in the same place when you set up as it will be later) and leave the ice cream in the freezer until the last minute.
6. Shop for fab Ice Cream decorations and extras such as bunting, bubbles and table ware.
7. Little tubs with mini spoons work well and ensure the children can add on lots of extras.
8. If the children are small have one or two people to help serve and don’t use a high table that means the children can’t see the ice cream amazingness.
9. Lots of wet wipes!

This is an ice cream themed party Buttons created a few years ago. The inspiration was some printables the party mum found on Etsy and her daughters love of ice cream.

Ice Cream Party
Ice Cream PartyIce Cream PartyIce Cream PartyIce Cream PartyIce Cream PartyIce Cream PartyIce Cream Party

Entertainment and Activities

With this theme, you could go with anything but some great out door and classic party games would be ideal. These could include Musical statues, the Limbo, Ice cream scoop relay race and Pass the Parcel.

If you don’t have access to a pool but still want the children to have a cool time then why not get an Aqua slide, water pistols or water bombs for the party!

Party Gifts

We created theme cute sand bucket party gifts with Ice Cream pinwheel, ice cream bubbles and treats for our ice cream themed party. We even left room for cake to be added in.

Ice Cream Party



Photography – Kate Griffin

Styling – Buttons Parties

Entertainment – Buttons Parties



  1. Ice cream birthday party for kids are surely an amazing idea to tap on. Kids love to gorge on ice creams and if it is summer time, the whole theme would turn out to be the best one can have. As shown and suggested in this blog, a little addition of printable, bunting and right flavours for ice creams can create a true magical birthday vibe.

  2. Excelente tips de decoración para cumpleaños infantiles, soy un seguidor desde Chile. Saludos.

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