Mad for Science!

Mad for Science!

Last week we were asked to dress Harrison’s birthday party with a theme fit for all budding scientists!

So, in the spirit of all things experimental, we thought we’d bring you a blog that was not only packed with awesome party inspiration but loaded with downloadable elements you can create at home – what’s not to love about that?

Let’s get creative

We transported ourselves back to the days of science lessons filled with captivating experiments and vibrant chemical reactions. Taking inspiration from laboratories adorned with beakers, test tubes and Bunsen burners, we conjured up these colourful chemistry elements for you to create.

Simple to make, these pop-ups are a great way to bring science style to your venue.

Printed on card that you can purchase from any art or stationery store (WHSmith & Hobbycraft); our pop-ups are effective and a safe accessory when in reach of little scientists – download here.

With so many different elements to science, we couldn’t resist inviting some scientific formulas to the party. Applying these custom labels to bottled water is a great way to get children thinking about all things scientific. What’s more, they’ll be excited by the idea of drinking ‘H2O’ – which sounds way cooler than water, right? Download here.

Applying our decals to straws is an easy way to theme even the littlest touches… They’re as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Scientific seats? Hell yes! Let children pick their favourite chemistry chair with these large printed decals. Printed to size, cut out and taped (or Blu-tac’d) to seating, it’s a great way for children to select their favourite image and for you to get bums on seats! Download here.

A SUPER science setting

Harrison’s science theme was perfectly paired with ‘Mad Science’ tableware available from Party Pieces – has science ever looked so cool?

The ‘Mad Science’ range is packed with everything you need to create a memorable celebration, from tableware and invitations, to hanging décor and personalised cake (yum!).

With vibrant greens and oranges, Harrison and his friends could enjoy tasty morsels at a table filled with colour.

We grouped vivid green crockery with custom labels for Harrison and his friends. These touches are great for adding a little extra theming to your table – ‘ Warning! May be exposed to super science fun!’

Caution! Creative activities

No children’s party is complete without elements to engage with and a science party calls out for experiments…

We’d all prefer children not to play with their food, but these science slime jellies are an exception! Using petri-dishes and test tubes, we encouraged creative play with jelly and sprinkles to deliver a sweet treat in-keeping with the theme.

We made salt dough (recipe here) and pressed toy dinosaurs into nuggets of the mixture before baking. They look great un-painted, but even better with a touch of colour. If you don’t have any paint to hand, use coffee mixed with a splash of water!

These fossils are great for little scientists to discover for themselves. Hide them within tupperware filled with sand or flour, teamed paintbrushes and googles so that they have the tools to unearth them. Or why not hide them around the room or garden for children to find?

Get stuck in with goo! These flasks of slime are squelchy, sloppy and splendid – just what every scientist needs. Not only are they great for children to take home, they can experiment and examine during the party.

Harrison’s party left us feeling mad for science which is why we couldn’t wait to feature it. If you have a little scientist at home and you’re planning your own party, we hope we’ve inspired your plans!

We’d love to see your photos featuring our fun party printables – don’t forget, you can download all of our printable accessories here.

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