Personalised Party Ideas

Personalised Party Ideas

Have you found yourself a little bit stuck thinking of sentimental and personal themes for your loved ones’ Birthday parties? Why not throw a totally personalised party! It sounds complicated but if you know the birthday boy or girl well then it will be super easy to come up with ideas!

Personalised Banner and Cake

Banners and Cakes

Our vinyl banners make for really easy personalised decorations. Simply choose the banner you think the birthday boy or girl will like the best, add your very own message and order! We have all sorts of themes, characters and styles to suit all tastes! Our personalised cakes are made by the very talented Fiona Cairns in all sorts of designs and come in either chocolate or vanilla flavour (obviously choose their favourite cake flavour!).  These can also be personalised with your very own message setting off your sentimental party theme!


Book Theme Alice in Wonderland

Even though you have set an overall theme, doesn’t mean you can’t have a more specific theme. Start off by thinking of all your loved one’s favourite things like TV programmes, films, characters and books! For example if someone really likes Star Wars or Jurassic Park you could base your personalised decorations on this and get guests to turn up in themed fancy dress! Or you could base your decorations on favourite childhood books like Alice in Wonderland.


No party is complete without some sort of music and there’s nothing better than listening to your favourite tunes on your big day! Make sure you have the ultimate playlist of the Birthday boy or girl’s favourite songs or favourite nursery rhymes for young children. For adults go for a mixture of current favourites and classics from when they were younger or the year they were born!

If it’s just a small gathering of friends, why not set up their favourite film for the evening and have a movie marathon of favourite flicks! You could also set up quizzes about all their favourite things, such as films and actors.

Other entertainment could include:

  • Playing their favourite sports games
  • Watching their favourite team play sports
  • Going to their favourite restaurant
  • Create a quiz on their favourite country
  • Playing their favourite card or board games

Party Food

Ice cream gelato

There are all sorts of ways you can personalise party food for this theme! Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  1. Their All Time Favourite Dinner – Rustle up their all time favourite dish for their party tea, hopefully it’s not something too peculiar!
  2. Old Classics – If the birthday girl or boy is an adult, why not recreate childhood favourites or classics that everyone will remember! Or if you know of a dish their Mother used to make them when they were younger, why not have a go at recreating that!
  3. Favourite Country – Create a party food theme with their favourite county whether it be American, Chinese, Mexican!
  4. Favourite Flavours – Stick to their favourite flavours for things such as cupcakes, biscuits, puddings, ice cream and pizza!
  5. Birthday Cake – Have a go at recreating a past Birthday cake from when they were younger! This will definitely put a smile on their face.

If you have any more ideas for personalised parties – we’d love to hear them! Just let us know in the comment space below!



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