Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate Party Food Ideas


You’ve gathered a swashbuckling horde of their classmates for a pirate birthday party fit for rapscallions. Before they go a-plundering or take it in turns to walk the plank, you’ll want to fuel these buccaneers with hearty grub. Read on for some pirate party food ideas.

The chances are good that the scallywags at your pirate party will want to find their favourite party foods on the menu at a birthday shindig on the high seas – but there’s nothing to stop you labelling them with appropriate names, to fire up their imagination. Hoist the Jolly Roger above the table and cast off!

Salty Snacks – ahoy!
Crossbones: bake a batch of sticky-glazed ribs in the oven (and provide PLENTY of kitchen paper)
Hot Salty Seadogs: provide various toppings so they can build their perfect hotdogs
‘Pizzas’ of Eight: let the rascals have fun making or decorating their own pizzas
Fish fingers/chicken ‘gold’ nuggets with little buckets of dip
Hula hoop gold rings
Cherry tomato cannonballs (warning: these may be launched at passing enemy ships…)
Sandwiches cut into shark fins, palm trees
Sweet snacks – ar!
Orange segment ‘boats’ with pirate flags in. Or set jelly in hollow orange halves and slice into segments when set.
Skewers of fruit and veg
Chocolate coins
Chocolate wafer scrolls
A hollowed-out watermelon galleon filled with a fruit salad
Buried treasure jellies: set little pirate tubs of jelly with fruit goodies or a chocolate coin at the bottom for kids to find
Banana split sundae boats
Chocolate planks (Curly-Wurly bars or Bourbon biscuits)
Pirate Fun party
Cake ideas, maties!
A treasure chest decorated with sweets
A galleon shape with breadstick masts, a chocolate flake hull and a wafer plank
A map iced with a route to ‘X marks the spot’
A personalised pirate party cake
Cupcakes on a pirate ship cake stand
An island, complete with smartie trail, treasure chest and palm tree
treasure cake kit
Pirate presentation
Cover your table with a treasure map cloth
As a change to paper plates, serve food in pirate ship trays or treasure chest party boxes
Have a treasure-chest cooler for drinks and ice lollies
Instead of spoons and skewers, try ice cream spades and cutlass food picks
ahoy there ship centrepiece

Yo ho ho and a bottle of….
The Cap’n’s best grog: mix up fruit juices, or cordial and sparkling water. Serve from clean wine bottles with special labels on them.

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