Real Party – Frosty Frozen Party

Real Party – Frosty Frozen Party

At Dazzle and Fizz we are known for our immersive parties – when rooms and places are transformed into the reality of the theme. We believe the same detail can be achieved on any scale. Party and village Halls are a blank canvas, they provide a great space to dance, sing and style!

A recent ‘mini client’ wanted her party in Arendelle and we were of course delighted to assist. Though we didn’t have mounds of snow and the room wasn’t a made of ice; every detail of the party was immaculately styled with a wintry ice palace in mind.

When children ask for Frozen themed parties they typically are styled with the ice Queen Elsa in mind, using blues, silvers and whites. Our mini client’s favourite princess however was Anna. Therefore, we incorporated the deep purple tone from Anna’s dress. It’s actually surprising if you watch the movie again (though I’m not sure you want to) how much purple is used throughout. Han’s has a flash of berry in his outfit, the castle flags are a purple tone and the Nordic pattern throughout is plum!

We added purple in subtle touches throughout the décor and styling. We used a simple and effective balloon style to decorate the space and the dining table, which also gave the guests an added gift to take home at the end of the party.


As with all Dazzle and Fizz parties our mini client(s) are greeted immediately by our “entertainer”. So the child can start to fully immerse themselves into their party. The birthday girl or boy feels at ease hosting her or his friends with the friendship of their favourite character. We like to create fun and interactive games for the children and many of them are bespoke to the child and party.

For this party the birthday girl and friends were led on an adventure of fun and magic with lots of dancing throughout. By the end of the party all of the boys and girls had proven they were indeed real magical princes and princesses eligible of attending a regal ball in Arendelle. Therefore our actors were proud to present each of them with a prize.

The dining table transported the children to an incredible ice palace banquet! The designer tableware was a mixture of ice blue and Anna lilac and had beautiful details such as diamante snowflake napkin rings and a powdered snow table runner that the children could interact with, touch and feel! We personalised our wintry themed table by creating bespoke stickers for the cups and flags for the straws to make it extra special. As well as this, our styling team made bespoke tule covered letters in gorgeous pastel blue and purple to spell out the birthday child’s name. We like to give these to our mini clients as a gift, the letters become a magical keepsake for them to have in their bedroom long after the party.

Oh we how love a treat table and not because we all have a sweet tooth! We also love to design and think about every item that goes on it! The treat table for this party was the masterpiece and focal point, set in front of a hand designed, wooden backdrop which depicts a snow blizzard finished with ornate snowflakes. The table itself was adorned with a silver sequined cloth and the treats were displayed upon gorgeous plates and cake stands. The cake of course was centre stage to our treat table installation and consisted of two tiers of delicious cake that the guests said tasted as good as it looked. The design was based on Elsa’s Ice Palace and there was even a toy on top of Elsa for the birthday child to take home and keep. We like to mix up the glassware or containers we choose to house our sweets in depending on the theme. The colour matched sweets were displayed in clear glass jars, to represent glaciers of ice.


Our stunning cake pops had embossed lace snowflake details; they looked like snow balls had fallen from the sky! We are always striving to innovative in our design, cookies and biscuits are not a new addition to a children’s party table but we like to look at them differently at every party we throw! Just as unique as a snowflake we designed with the our baker hand painted snowflakes in Elsa and Anna colours. These snowflakes though unusual for a children’s party worked to create our “real” feel.


We also love a delicious cookie stack, to ensure the treat table is wholly unique! A soft and delectable cookie sandwich with a pastel blue swirl of beautifully flavoured frosting in the middle, was dusted with a white snowflake to create our cookie stacks. We are always guided by the client but so many of the items are or can be on our treat tables – made with unrefined sugars or sugar free. These cookie stacks are made using unrefined sugars and organic produce. Also on the table, we added in elegant macarons particularly for the adults to enjoy, because, well, why should the children have all the fun? These were a mixture of white with blue swirls (just like a rush of ice or snow) and lilac with purple snowflake details hand drawn on.


It’s traditional to give your small guest a party bag when they leave. We believe that party bags much like presents and gifts should be less disposable – and that’s why we produce our own party bags. Party bags don’t have to filled with lots and lots, especially with cake or a treat table and balloon! Most of our parents opt for one big gift rather than smaller more “dispoable” items.
If you are throwing a never land party – give a Peter Pan book – Paddington bear party – a small bear etc… We encourage our mini client to stand and thank his or her guests at the end of their party with our entertainers. It is really nice for the host to thank everyone for coming to her or his party.


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