Real Party – Speedy Car Themed Party

Real Party – Speedy Car Themed Party

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We were absolutely thrilled to be asked to deliver a super speedy car themed party at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. The birthday boy and his Mum arrived in style in a vintage Cadillac and the fun continued to speed to the finish line from thereon in!  After that amazing photo-worthy entrance, the birthday boy and his mum were welcomed into the Loggia room, where the racing inspired scene was set.

Cars Themed Treat Table

The treat table stopped people in their tracks with a 1000-piece custom-made car backdrop. Below this, set upon podiums, sat winning trophies to further set the scene. They were surrounded by winning treats including colour matched sweets, bespoke tyre cookies, tasty car cake pops, popcorn for spectators and tyre shaped bowls holding the birthday boy’s favourite treat of all, nachos! The birthday cake by Holly Andrews took centre stage, complete with road signs, chequered flags and a topsy-turvy race track. Our custom-made chequered linen table cloth completed the look and acted as a strong contrast to the rainbow coloured backdrop.

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Party Games

The children were greeted by two of our professional actors * cough * I mean pit crew – and taken on a journey to learn all the skills they would need to be real race car drivers via dancing, games and magic. They were also able to enjoy face painting with one of our professional painters, which added to the fun.

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After an hour of high energy fun, the children were invited to the racetrack to enjoy their lunch. Set upon children’s sized white wooden tables and chairs, we laid a race track runner featuring a start line, finish line and lanes. We lined each place setting with colour matched plates which each held a toy car to ensure tactile fun for each child as they arrived at the table. As well as this we provided colour match cups with bespoke stickers on them, straws with bespoke, checkered straw flags, wooden tipped cutlery and a checkered napkin. In the middle of the race track we set mini road signs and cones, alongside the birthday boy’s name spelt out in 3D hand painted letters.

dazzle and fizz cars party 5dazzle and fizz cars party

The chairs were finished with black and white ribbon tassels, which looked fantastic against the colourful balloons, type installation and vintage petrol can installation.

Cars Party Decorations

For our balloon decor we chose three giant balloons in the traffic light colours, each weighted by a toy car, a black and white arch featuring fun traffic lights, two colour matched bouquets rising up out of full sized traffic cones and finally, a silver number 4 especially for our birthday boy.

We dressed the space using a black road entrance carpet for the guests to arrive on, a vintage petrol can installation, various full-sized, sprayed tyres, road signs and further traffic cones.

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Once the children had passed their racing car driving test they were presented with a luxury, bespoke fabric party bag, complete with a cool flame appliqué and containing a variety of age appropriate gifts.


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