Spy Parties – Shaken not Stirred

Spy Parties – Shaken not Stirred

Dazzle and Fizz Spy Party

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to read the following blog by Dazzle and Fizz and get lots of awesome Spy Party ideas for your child’s next birthday party. This blog will then self-destruct, so read carefully agent…

‘Spy’ or ‘Secret Agent’ is a great party theme, especially for children aged seven years and over. A spy themed party can excite the children’s minds, encourage teamwork and when done well, will truly capture the children’s imaginations from start to finish. Here are our top Spy Party tips…

 1) Start as you mean to go on

Dazzle and Fizz Spy Party

The way in which you start the party sets the tone for the rest of the event. Greet your guests in a manner that is befitting of your theme. A great way to open your spy party for example is to present the budding young spies with their ‘Spy Identities’. Present the children with lanyards, badges or VIP passes that grant them ‘access’ to the party.

2) Make your party styling part of the fun

Dazzle and Fizz Spy Party

At Dazzle and Fizz we love to encourage party styling that is interactive, engaging and also looks great. There are lots of ways in which you can make your party styling fun for the children. Try cutting simple footprint shapes out of light black card and fix them to the floor using sticky tack. The children will love following the trails. You can also set up a mug shot photo-booth using silly spy disguises, glasses, moustaches, beards and hats. Another great idea is to scatter clues around the party in different ways. Try writing on balloons using a permanent marker, attach rolled up pieces of paper to their bases, or if you’re feeling really brave, hide clues inside a small selection of balloons for the children to pop and find. Advanced warning- the last idea is very loud, so limit the number of balloons used and time to pop to only one minute!

3) Plan a range of games and activities

Dazzle and Fizz Spy Party

Ensure that the activities are varied and involve both high energy and more cerebral activities for a well-balanced event. Great DIY game ideas include code breaking, ‘break the bank’ (a version of sticky money using play bank notes and a parachute) and pin the moustache on the baddie. You can also create a ‘paper laser’ obstacle course using either paper streamers, or, fake police tape. The children must get from one side of the course to the other without touching the tape and contaminating the crime scene! The more tape you use, the tougher the course will be, so you can adapt it to suit your child’s age and ability.

4) Maintain your theming throughout

Dazzle and Fizz Spy Party

Themed parties are really great when the theming applies to all elements of the party planning. From the party catering, to the birthday cake, to the favour bags, ensure that every part of the party contributes to the overall theme. Fine details make all the difference, so get creative!


Spy party by Dazzle and Fizz

All party styling, entertainment and planning by Dazzle and Fizz

Photography by Greg Hammond Photography

Cake by Odiham Cake Company


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