A Star Wars Party with Dazzle & Fizz

A Star Wars Party with Dazzle & Fizz

We recently created and hosted an inter-galactic adventure in a land far, far away…(ok it was Surrey but don’t tell anyone). Here is what we did…

Star Wars Room Décor

Star Wars Party

The Hilton Ballroom was transformed into various scenes from Star Wars with sets including a Jedi camp, with rustic furniture, real sand table runners, themed junk and a collection of rugs, cushions and marble balloons. A lit-up 3D space ship was built from wooden panels, real technology and cool lighting. The Felucian planet was created using an array of plants, a 3D leaf backdrop and again great lighting!


star wars party

The children were welcomed to the Jedi camp by two Jedis and a Jedi princess in full theatrical costume. They were entrusted with their very own light sabre upon entering and were transported to the highly-advanced training space ship. They were engrossed in high-energy Jedi training with a large focus on magic, dancing and games with some cerebral activities to further prove that the children possessed the force!


During the Jedi training, we also tested the children’s creativity via some galaxy inspired craft. The children got to make and take home their own space master pieces.

Table Dressing

Star Wars Party

The children were excited to eat at the Jedi camp, with colour matched tableware set upon real sand runners, lined with junk you would find in a real Jedi camp!

The Cake

Star Wars Party

The centerpiece of the show was a Millennium Falcon, in disguise as a cake! The guests agreed it was as delicious as it looked and stunningly finished. It had moving parts and real lights just like the real deal!


star wars balloonsStar Wars Balloons

We had different balloon décor for each area including marble balloons to create a circle of defence around the Jedi camp (hiding it from the Dark Side). We had giant marble balloons with 2m tassel tails to frame the cake table; these always have a massive wow factor for the guests as they walk in. As well as this we used colour matched bouquets to dress all other areas of interest, such as each set and the entrance.

Star Wars Party Bags

We provided quality and age appropriate gifts in each bag for the children to take home as a special thank you from the birthday boy. The bags themselves were colour matched – black with Star Wars style writing on the front.


It would have been a crime to create this immersive world and not have any memories of it for the family to take home and cherish, so we also provided our professional photographer to capture all the special moments of fun and the beautiful styling of the party.

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