Superhero Party Games

Superhero Party Games

Comic Book Super Hero Party Games

We love a superhero or comic book party theme, it’s just so fun and allows for some really colourful decorations! We have all sorts of ranges to set the scene for this party theme including Batman, Superman and a pop art comic book range!

Action Heroes Olympics

Host an action packed mini Olympics. Prepare a series of challenging feats only true heroes can complete such as long jumping, fast running, balance beam walking and relay races. Be sure to have lots of adult helper’s to coordinate the event!

Twisting Heroes

Age Guide: 5+ 

Allocate a superhero who stands with his or her back to the others, who are holding hands in a circle. The others then need to get themselves all tangled up by climbing over each other’s legs and crossing arms. Then the superhero has to turn round and try to untangle the others. (It is super-essential that the tangled children hold hands the entire time or it will be impossible for the Superhero to untangle them!)

Incredible Raisins

Props: Chopsticks, bowls and raisins

Age Guide: 5+

Lay out 20 raisins for each superhero. Aim is for all Superheroes to use chopsticks (superpowers) to pick up the raisins. One by one they need to transfer them to the bowl without dropping any, only a true hero can use their superpowers to achieve this. Any that are dropped are left where they are the winner is the Superhero with the most raisins in their bowl!

Do you have any other suggestions for superhero party games? If so we would love to hear them, please feel free to share them below!




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