Luisa’s Hawaiian Party

Luisa’s Hawaiian Party

We’re delighted to share another fabulous ‘Your Party’ submission. Read on to see all about the brilliant Hawaiian themed party that Luisa planned for her daughter’s birthday. Over to Luisa to tell us all about it!

Hawaiian Party1

The Party

Theme: Hawaiian

Location: At home in our pool room

Last year, while we were on our summer holiday, my daughter told me that for her 14th birthday the following year, she wanted to have a Hawaiian themed party. Well, her birthday party date was looming, and she still wanted a “luau” style celebration. So, as usual, I found everything I needed on the Party Pieces website.

We are fortunate enough to have a pool room, so we decided to hold the party there. I started out by choosing the Aloha Summer Ultimate Party Kit, which was ideal, and beautifully colourful. We used the garland to decorate the doorway.

Hawaiian Party 2

I decided to go for the hula skirt and lei packs, as my daughter wanted to have a hula/limbo competition with her friends. They really enjoyed dressing up, and then being able to take their costume home as a memento. I put the coconut cocktail cups on a tray at the side of the pool, which added that extra tropical feel to the party. The girls would swim over every so often and sip their punch from them. Very summery and luxurious!

My daughter is of the opinion that the party was perfect and couldn’t think of anything she would’ve liked in addition to what was there, and her friends were very impressed. High praise indeed!

Best and Worst Thing About The Party

The Palm Tree Party scene setter really set everything off, and I would highly recommend it. The party wouldn’t have looked as good without it, and as far as I’m concerned it was a must.

The only thing I wasn’t pleased with were the scenery hangers. They just weren’t strong enough for the job. In fairness, the pool room is a little humid, and I’m not sure wood was the best surface for them to stick to. However, this particular scene setter isn’t flimsy or light – it’s very good quality, and large, so for this particular one, I’m not sure they would’ve worked properly on any surface. That really wasn’t a huge problem though.

Top Tips

  • The Party Pieces website is well thought out, so once you’ve chosen your party kit, I would definitely recommend taking a moment to scroll down to look at the decorations and accessories section for further inspiration. They will make all the difference to the overall look of your party.

Products Used

We think this party looks brilliant, and we love the idea of sipping punch from the pool! Well done Luisa for creating such a great party. If you’ve got some pictures of your party and would like us to feature it then just head to our Your Party page

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