Summer Music Festival Party

Summer Music Festival Party

As the summer stretches out ahead, daydreams turn to events in the fresh air. Festivals are a huge part of the fun, but if you’re not up for risking the weather and pitching your tent, create a festival atmosphere at home – great for a teenager or adult’s birthday party.

Music Festival

Picture yourself standing there, cider in hand, singing along happily to your favourite band. Now imagine it in the comfort of your own garden, with a crowd of your closest friends and a soundtrack tailored especially (best of all, you don’t have to queue for the loo).

Music Festival Party Decorations

For a big birthday or a children’s party, go to town with festival details. Designate a stage area and build yourself a bank of speakers from rows of painted cardboard boxes; the perfect place for the karaoke band to rock out with their inflatable guitars and giant microphones. Almost as good as the live music experience but less likely to burst your eardrums! Decorate a big banner with the name of your festival, to hang on the front of the stage. Decorate by stringing lanterns and bunting around the perimeter.

Music Festival Party Food

Music Festival BBQ

Fire up the barbecue and host a pot luck, to which friends can each bring a salad, a side or dessert. Set out your buffet station for everyone to help themselves, lay out some blankets on the grass and eat picnic-style. Colourful wooden cutlery, eco-friendly bamboo and enamel partyware are ideal solutions if you’re planning to on venturing further afield for an outdoor concert this summer. If you’re heading to Proms in the Park, don’t forget your Union Jack partyware.

Music Festival Party Entertainment

Pack them each a party box full of festival party food, plus a few extra treats, like novelty sunglasses, glow sticks and candy whistles plus a poncho in case of rain. Print out VIP name and photo passes for each of them, loop them with string and hand these out as they arrive, or for a larger crowd, hand out homemade wristbands – one colour for kids and one for adults. If the party music will be loud, best give the neighbours ample warning – better still, ask them along too – and make yours a daytime festival.

Music Festival Tent

Organise some outdoor games and if it’s hot enough, break out the water games. Hang up a guitar pinata. The kids may want to bring tents and tipis for daytime shade or a sleepover party (in which case, have quieter activities and midnight feasts handy). Falcon enamelware is hardy enough to withstand some ‘festival-style’ wear and tear as well as being perfect for hot chocolate. As night falls, suspend a glitter ball to twinkle as it turns, and have a few outdoor lights, lanterns and sparklers for extra atmosphere.



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