Vintage Inspired Tea Party

Vintage Inspired Tea Party

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The whole vintage look is so fashionable at the moment, but it’s also an ideal theme if you’re hosting a party for older generations. Parties based on wartime themes or the 1940’s and 1950’s can be great fun, plus they allow the older members of your party a chance to have a good old reminisce! A 1940’s afternoon tea is a lovely theme for a birthday, hen party or just as an excuse for a get together!

With it’s pretty mix and match florals and vintage colours, Truly Scrumptious is the ideal party theme and comes with all you need to deck out your gathering. Bunting is a must, mix and match flag and lampshade varieties. If you want to get crafty, making your own bunting is so easy, if you make enough then your guests could take some home as a party favour. There’s a really easy tutorial here.


When it comes to laying the tea table, doilies will really give the vintage look as will this wonderful quirky teapot vase which makes a great centrepiece. If you want to recreate a 1940’s menu then you could try baking an egg-less sponge, you might want to avoid fish paste sandwiches though! Have a few different teapots so you can offer a variety of teas, Lady Grey is particularly nice or for a naughty twist you could have a Gin & Tonic with your sandwiches!

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If you want some party games you could play ‘Teabag Toss’ – lay out 10 teacups in rows of 4, 3, 2 and 1 (like skittles), assign a number of points to each teacup, each player has 5 teabags to toss into the tea cups and the most points wins. You could also play a 1940’s themed quiz like guessing the amounts of rations received or the cost of everyday items. Make sure you have a suitable prize, like this adorable Tea for One set.

Have you got any fab ideas for a vintage tea party? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Just a thought – I always remember as a little girl,my mum and her sisters (my Aunts)’reading’ their tea leaves. They would get together in the afternoon, make the tea, and after they had finished their
    tea there would always be some ‘leaves’ in the bottom of the cup. They would ‘swirl’ these around in the cup –
    the leaves would stick to the sides of the cup and leave a sort of ‘picture’. Then the women would ‘read’ your fortune! 🙂 I used to find it so mysterious and intriguing.
    Any chance this could be incorporated?
    Thank you for listening to my story 🙂

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