Goldilocks Party

Goldilocks Party

Not too hot, not too cold… Just right! Bears are back in fashion, and this Goldilocks and the Three Bears themed party really makes the fairy tale come alive for your little guests! Perfect for cosying up inside during the winter months, and kids will love the reference to the age-old story.

Create the perfect scene for a fairy tale party by opting for traditional scalloped party plates and a tablecloth in white and cream, while adding some bright accents and eccentric touches to the table like wooden scatter and tiny fir trees.

Decorate the table with plenty of flowers and foliage to create the feeling of an enchanted forest. Little trinkets such as this china cottage or bear figurines serve as motifs to help tell the tale. Kids will love recounting the story and imitating the characters!

Hosting this party at brunch time makes it the perfect opportunity to serve oatmeal or porridge, just like in the story. Why not ask your guests if they want it hot, cold, or just right?

Get hold of some empty glass bottles and paper straws and make or buy smoothies made from forest berries and fruits to set the scene even more!

These props will make the children’s imagination come to life! Let the kids act out each part, or challenge them to tell story using the silly voices of the characters. Set up a little photo booth with a camera and white backdrop and let your guests loose with the bear and Goldilocks photo props!

Isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey? Send your guests home with a pot of honey for a sweet treat they can enjoy later. A unique party favour that’s sure to have everyone talking!



  1. wow, amazing post. Photos look stunning. I just loved it. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post with us. Keep sharing. Waiting for your future posts.

  2. These props are great for kids! Surely it’s a unique theme party! I can use some of these for my daughter’s upcoming birthday.

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