Real Party: Bride Tribe Hen Do

Real Party: Bride Tribe Hen Do

Are your bags packed? Are you ready to go?

Let the bridal shower itself be the gift by spending a weekend together out of town. Be inspired by Coachella and other Music and Arts Festivals and head to the mountains, the beach or any cool camping or hiking spot. Possibly plan a road trip to a place that is sentimental to the bride, where she grew up, went to university or to a city that the bride has always wanted to visit. Go anywhere, just go!

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This Girls Weekend Away idea also works perfectly in lieu of a traditional pre-wedding day bridesmaid luncheon or a great way for just the bridal party to get to know each other and as the bride you can use your “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards as the invitation.

bride tribe invitations


To keep travel hassles to a minimum, give yourself plenty of time to coordinate with your friends’ work schedules. More may not be merrier on this kind of trip. Aim for six to eight pals at the most, because moving a gaggle of gals around town can turn into a major production (although our friends over at could help!). You can do research and make reservations on various websites and get trip ideas. Pack everyone into adjoining hotel rooms for the full girls’ sleepover experience. When it comes to entertainment, buy tickets and make reservations well before you leave. Nothing’s more disappointing than arriving at a sizzling hot spot only to find that the place has been booked solid for a month. Print out a map for each of the guests, showing them all the points of interest along the way.


As you will be spending quite some time in a car, caravan or camping tent; it doesn’t mean that you can’t be comfortable. Add festive lights, Team Bride bunting, balloons and our favourite rose gold metallic and white paper fans that mimic the famous Ferris wheel of Coachella. Be sure to make a CD for the trip jam-packed with all of the bride’s favourite tunes, especially those from when you were at high school or college.

bride tribe decorbride tribe tassels team bride garland team bride balloon


Transform nondescript, inexpensive wooden boxes into Memory Keepsake ones that the girls will always treasure. For a custom look, use some of the Team Bride temporary tattoos on the lid of the box. Fill with something to eat, something to drink, something sweet and something to treasure.

hen party boxes


Dressing up is compulsory! Have endless fun all sorts of festival makeup, Team Bride Glasses, pink and rose gold foiled Team Bride mini crowns and add fake or real floral crowns for the final touch.

hen party make up team bride crown team bride glasses


Beforehand discuss a dress code; it will be more fun if everyone is dressed in similar colours or for example: has matching hats. Add some Team Bride badges and ensure the beautiful Bride-to-be stands out by wearing the stylish ‘Bride To Be’ Sash.

bride tribe sash

bride tribe rosettes


Have fun by applying these gorgeous metallic rose gold temporary tattoos. They are easy to apply and remove, and the super on-trend rose gold foil is sure to be loved by everyone!


Plan a typical Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt by dividing up into teams and seeing who can complete all the below tasks first:

  1. Get a random guy to take a picture with you and your fun Team Bride photo booth props and post it to his Instagram with the absurd hashtag of your choosing.
  2. Convince a random man to serenade you, on video, with a cheesy 90’s Love Song, complete with Team Bride glasses.
  3. Pose with a guy you’ve never met, Prom-Photo Style. Bonus Points if there are Team Bride crowns involved.
  4. Take a picture of a shot that’s on fire (then drink it).
  5. Snap a photo with the DJ.
  6. Convince a cute guy to show you a not-publicly-visible tattoo. Then you show him your Team Bride one too.
  7. Get someone the bride doesn’t know to write her sex advice on a Team Bride napkin.
  8. Find someone with the same first name as the groom, collect evidence (i.e. a business card).
  9. Successfully Photo bomb someone else’s picture with Team Bride balloons.
  10. Find a guy who knows at least 20 seconds of a Britney Spears Song. Set a timer and Instagram Stories it.

hen do photo booth

team bride napkins bride tribe drinks


Back in the tent or bedroom, have fun by asking everyone to complete one of the Team Bride Advice for the Bride to Be Cards. And instead of a guestbook, have everyone write messages on Jenga pieces and play a game or two.

bride tribe jenga advice cards


Come the next morning you and your guests are going to be so grateful to have these little pretty pink Team Bride party bags filled with a few goodies to help recover from your epic celebration. Add headache tablets, plasters for those blistered feet after dancing all night, mouthwash to battle morning breath, eye drops to help get rid of redness and puffiness and vitamins or an energy bar to get out of bed!

bride tribe party bags


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