Balloons and Floristry with Dazzle & Fizz

Balloons and Floristry with Dazzle & Fizz

The perfect combination – Balloons have been a prevailing feature at children’s parties since the early 20th Century, representing joyfulness, excitement, and entertainment. Floristry, on the other hand has historically been associated with grandeur – weddings, banquets and special events, used to elevate a sense of elegance, sophistication and enchantment.

Wonderland Arch

So, what happens when you combine the two and especially at a children’s party? Whilst preparing a spectacular setting for a Wonderland themed party, we experimented and used floristry and balloons to create a display…our first floral balloon arch!

This stunning piece of art proved to enchant both the children and the adults and was extremely well received via social media, encouraging us to explore just how far we could take this collaboration.

Since the success of our first floral balloon arch, we have continued to experiment with flower and balloon collaborations at our children’s parties. From ombre balloon walls to waterfall table displays, here are a few examples of the effects we’ve created at our themed parties and styled shoots.

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with the dream team that is Early Hours London Ltd and Bubblegum Balloons on all of the scenes below; two of our greatest party assets!

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter Balloon Theme at Aynhoe

Our blue and white ombre balloon wall was designed to represent the sky and the clouds. The rest of the display was inspired by an allotment. We encouraged the children to be completely immersed in the fantasy scene, encouraging them to explore the set. We love creating tactile displays that allow the children to experience the party with all of their senses. Here the children loved feeling the texture of the moss balls and vegetables used in the installation, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.


Narnia Balloons by Dazzle and Fizz

This scene was inspired by our interpretation of Narnia. Our intention was to play with the fine line between artifice and nature by creating an enchanted woodland. We created the scene  around our door to Narnia, with balloon ’snowballs’ spilling from one world to the next. We agreed that everything featuring in the scene, however man-made, would need to have an authenticity about it, as if it had grown there. We wanted the balloons to appear as part of the natural and simultaneously dreamlike environment. Traditionally, balloons wouldn’t be associated with such a natural themed setting, however this installation proved that when blended correctly, they can look entirely organic.

Narnia Installation by Dazzle & Fizz


Wonderland Installation by Dazzle & Fizz

One of our favourite recent styled shoots was this Wonderland inspired table display, shot at Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire. We decided that we wanted to create the Mad Hatter’s wedding c.3am, when everyone had drunken too much tea and the dormouse had fallen asleep in the cupcakes. Building on our original Wonderland arch from earlier in the year, this stunning balloon and flower combination both covered the dining table and spilled over the edge in a waterfall effect, finishing with single balloons scattered at the foot of the stairs. Using hydrangea, roses and small balloons, this installation was both breathtakingly beautiful and entirely tactile simultaneously. During the shoot, our wicked Queen had hidden the key to her jam tarts amidst the display and the children were encouraged to touch it, look in and around it to recover the key. We also wanted to play with levels in this piece, which is where the giant aerial balloons worked perfectly. Finished with adjoining tassels, the balloons reduced in height as the display spilt on to the floor, much like an invisible table cloth had been pulled from the table. The liberating thing about the floristry in these displays is that the flowers are meant to be enjoyed, not stuck in a glass jar and admired from afar.

If this post has inspired you, there are many ways of experimenting with flowers and balloons at home. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be able to create the exact effects shown in the photographs; one of our displays took five florists five hours to achieve. However, by following a few simple tips, you can begin to find unique ways to add interest to your party styling.

Top Tips.

  1.  Start simply by blowing up your helium balloons and attaching dainty flowers to the string. It adds an extra touch of elegance, whilst still having a fun feel to it.
  2. If you want to go that extra step, try adding fake flowers to a more traditional balloon arch yourself. A light touch and patience are essential, but so is enjoying the creative process and being proud of what you make. A floral arch is the perfect photo opportunity at any party. They look visually striking over a treat table and equally exquisite as party entrance, or focal point. Whatever theme you have in mind, floral balloon archways are both visually beautiful for the adults and also magical for the children.

The balloon and floristry combination is a growing trend which is easily adjustable to suit a range of  budgets. If you would like to discuss using balloons and flowers at your child’s party, we would love to hear from you!


Themed parties and styled shoots by Dazzle and Fizz

Floral installations and design – Early Hours Limited

Balloon installations – Bubblegum balloons

Photography- Tina Bolton Photography

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