Real Party – Vicente’s 1st Communion party

Real Party – Vicente’s 1st Communion party

This week we’re pleased to share a charming 1st communion party, designed by the talented Rocio Cárcel! Rocío submitted this party via our Real Party page. If you’ve thrown a party recently you could submit your party photos for the chance to win a £50 voucher. Here’s what Rocío had to say about the occasion.


Vicente’s Mum put us in contact with “Los Eventos de Ro” and “Eventos Almacaytana” to order the candy bar and event decorations for her son’s 1st communion. She wanted something different to traditional themes such as sports, pirates or superheroes! We decided to do something really sweet and special, using a range of blues nude, beige and white for the colour scheme.


As a graphic designer for all the party stationery, we designed a little boy that looked like Vicente. We drew him alongside all the things he loves, such as music and his favourite sport, golf. Vicente’s image was included in all the decorations, such as toppers, posters and napkin holders.


The candy bar was full of different kind of sweets, creative bakery and cold chocolate smoothies. We put two giant blue balloons at the back of the candy bar and a hessian garland to the front.


The seating was outside and decorated with beautiful plants and flowers to welcome the guests.


The guestbook table was filled with favours and gifts for the guests including personalised cups for the children, violet candies for the ladies and chocolate cigars for the gentlemen.

The children’s table was decorated with a triangle garland made with scrap paper in the party colours. Next to Vicente’s seat, we created a giant panel full of pinwheels around his name which was made of cork and hand painted in blue.


A list of suppliers involved

  • Direction , Design , Planification and Decoration : Rocio Cárcel by @loseventosdero and Almudena Perez De Los Cobos by @eventos_almacaytana
  • Graphic Design : Ana Ramon by @elplumierdeana
  • Location : @masia_xamandreu
  • Creative Bakery: Dulce Roseta by  @dulce_roseta
  • Photography : Ana Garcés by @anagarcesfotografia

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  1. Maria Mcleish

    Great to see a truly original party design instead of the repetitive “vintage tea parties.”

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