Free Harry Potter Party Printables

Free Harry Potter Party Printables

Set the scene for your Harry Potter party with these magical free printables from our wonderful contributor Julie, from In Good Company.

Harry Potter Printable Arrow Signs

Harry Potter Party Sign Posts

Point the way to Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and more with these perfect printables!


Harry Potter Printable Party Signs

Harry Potter Party Printable Signs

Point the way to potions class or free a House Elf with the help of these handy free printable signs!


Harry Potter Printable Food & Water Labels

Harry Potter Party Food and Drink Printables

Show guests where to get a bottle of Gilly Water or a Chocolate frog with these pretty free printables.


Harry Potter Printable Mandrake Labels

Harry Potter Party Make a Mandrake

Download these Mandrake labels for a Herbology class!


Harry Potter Printable Spell Sheet

Harry Potter Party Wands

Make sure little Wizards and Witches practice their wandwork with these fun free printables!




  1. Sylvia Stearn


    AMAZING IDEAS and printable RESOURCES!!!!!

    Over caffeinated Mother

    • Jennifer Carter

      Hi Over Caffeinated Mother! So glad you like the ideas – hopefully they help you plan your next party! Jen (also an over caffeinated mother!)

  2. Totally brilliant Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  3. Thank you for the printables. I will be using some of them for my daughter’s baby shower. She will love them.

  4. Hello the download link for the water labels is not popping out.

  5. Thank you SO MUCH! We are hosting a Harry Potter themed week at our restaurant in Croatia. I have spent an hour trying to find printables that dont require downloading new programs or paying. THANK YOU!

    • Jennifer Carter

      Hi Maja, so pleased that the printables have come in handy for you! I hope your Harry Potter themed week is a success! Best, Jen

  6. thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. the water bottle labels are not showing up just two on each page

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