Printable Valentine’s Favour Boxes

Printable Valentine’s Favour Boxes

With Valentine’s Day on it’s way it’s time to start planning your romantic gestures. Looking for cute ways to showcase little gifts this year? These printable Valentine’s favour boxes are perfect!

Love Heart Favour Boxes

Once assembled you can fill with whatever you like, sweets work well or you could fill with shredded tissue and place something a little more sentimental inside.

Simply print the PDFs below, cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines then stick the tabs to assemble! We’d recommend printing on thick card to make them a little more sturdy and scoring the dotted lines first makes them much easier to fold!




  1. Jane Ransley

    Great thanks!

  2. Absolutely lovely Valentine’s Day crafts! Thank you Party Pieces – these are exactly what I have been looking for as personal touch for a Valentine’s Disco.

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